An open letter to my friend, Mr. Lung

Mr. Lung,

It was with dismay that I read your last couple entries on our shared blog. So, now we’re critiquing based on typos? See, I was under the (obviously misguided) impression that this was supposed to be a substantive debate about baseball, politics and how the two relate.

However, despite my sorrow and confusion, I refuse to yield to the divisive forces that seek to tear us apart. Instead, I take a lesson from our good friend and future president, Barack Obama, and say that what draws us together is stronger than what pulls us apart. That instead of being drawn into the blogging of yesterday, I yearn for a new blogging, a blogging of unity.

Mr. Lung, I reject and denounce your efforts to tear us apart. I reject and denounce your pointing out of my typo. And I reject and denounce future uses of similarly divisive techniques. I say to you: Mr Lung, Tear Down This Wall!


Mr. Krause

P.S. The Cardinals suck.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure. First place teams (ie The Cardinals) tend to be in first place by not sucking, but hey, semantics were never your strong point, Al.

Nice try though.


When will you two realise that this endless negative campaigning is destroying the blog from within.

kevin youkilis!
kevin youkilis!


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