The Filibuster


Uh-oh. The Lung/Krause duo bought a video camera. We’re in for some interesting times, fellow bloggers.

LOL, hilarious.
If you guys are hitting youtube now… it definitively will be some “interesting” times. Looking forward to it.
V –

Red State Blue State TV, huh? Good episode.

Thanks, ya’ll, for your support of RSBS TV and its humble (I mean really HUMBLE) beginning. While it is not a high-quality production (yet) it may turn into that. We are trying to get Bill O’Reilly to host some events (like a fight to the death between he and Olberman).

It may be time for a short vacation; the confluence of events—-the playoffs; the campaign; trying to come to grips with Sarah Palin—-is getting to you.

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