You Can Put It On the Boooooaaaaaarrrrrd, YES!

barack obama white sox cap.jpg


Jeff and Allen



96% percent baby!


1 year from today Tell me how your life has changed. Not much I can tell you. but I am not unhappy about his win. I believe he is smart and will do the best for our country. All Presidents get roped in by the congress and senate, and have limited abilities to change things. Let’s just hope you aren’t hating him in 2 or 3 yrs like you are Bush. Only time will tell

It’s a beautiful day!

Michael Norton

Check this out.

Nice article in today’s NY Times sports section about White Sox GM Kennedy Williams and his friendship with Obama.

Thanks, Jane! Great article!

Kennedy Williams? Is that a Freudian slip, Jane? Thinking about JFK, are we?

All’s well here in the bluest of blue states. Nice job to all who voted in record numbers.

Steve T.

Oops. Just saw my typo. Thanks for pointing it out, Prince. Freudian slip is right!

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