Yankees Broaden Scouting Map

Initial scouting report:

Good velocity.  Decent movement.  Has control issues.

Temper is sporadic but fixable.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



I hope the same humor comes through for President Obama after Jan 20th

Don’t forget, his form was a little off too lol.
Ahh, that video made my day🙂
V – http://flairforthedramatic.mlblogs.com

I just hope they don’t pickup any of the Secret Service agents. They were a little slow at fielding the shoes. You know though, the Lions might want to look at the reporter who made the tackle.


Congrats on the front page listing & your #1 ranking! Well deserved.


Nice touch showing the Iraqi version of the video. (Or was she speaking French?) I think the shoe-thrower has definite potential and should be signed immediately.


Thanks, all. FYI, word on the street is that this prospect can also hit with some pop so there is going to be some pressure to make him an outfielder a la Rick Ankiel if his control issues cannot be solved. Jane, I believe that was Arabic, but I could be wrong… we should get Al’s expert opinion on that matter since he’s the resident Arabic speaker and Middle Eastern scholar. Julia, thanks for pointing out the main page panel. Looks pretty cool. The guy on the right is a little odd looking, but so it goes…

Good thing the guy didn’t visit this MLBlog in 2008!!! http://baseballspikes.mlblogs.com

BTW figured you needed some promo love because obviously you’re having trouble drawing visitors in 2008, so we felt sorry for you and you’re the mlblogs.com panel. 🙂


That was a fantastic and funny way to do my homework. And no, I’m not kidding. Art teachers rock.


That is indeed the beautiful language that is Arabic and the video comes via our friends at Al-Jazeera. In fact, While watching Al-Jazeera today (and no, I’m not kidding) they probably showed that clip 15 different times. And despite Bush’s claim that the guy just wanted attention, pretty much the entire Arab world thinks that the reporter had the right idea and they just wish he would have hit soon-to-be-ex-President Bush. And that’s the news, direct from Qatar.


Mission accomplished! Nothing says ‘Democracy’ like shooing out tyrants🙂


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