“Twit” With Us

HPIM1668.jpgYes, dear readers, we’ve gone and done it. We’ve finally caught up to the madness of 2006.  Red State Blue State is now twitting away with the Paris Hiltons and Barack Obamas of the world on (yes, you guessed it from the clever foreshadow) Twitter.  We do not claim to be as attractive or charismatic as either of those individuals, but we do know how to amuse ourselves in 140 characters or less.  See for yourself at:


Stay tuned… or else.

Twittingly yours,
Jeff & Allen


I am so glad you’ll both be twitting (that just sounds wrong) with us!


Happy Twitting (yeah, it does sound wrong). I’m still stuck in the 20th century – and I’m much too longwinded for 140 characters or less – so I’ll watch from afar. Have fun!


Hey guys, we’ll be following you. Thanks for following us on Twitter, too.

A note of condolence to Allen. Sorry Trammell didn’t make the Hall. At least he’s still in the running for next time.


Trammel ain’t gonna make it. Just ain’t gonna happen… especially if the Hawk can’t get in. Thanks for the kind “twitting” salutations. See ya’ll around there. More to come here on RSBS tonight. Later!

Jeff and Allen …

“Congratulations” on your #1 ranking, once again, on the new mlblogs Leader’s List” !!! … All these first place finishes by your blog, must make you both feel like how the great Yankee Championship teams of the 1990’s must have felt !!! … Anyway, what more can I say ? … Just, keep up the excellent work !!! … Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”


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