January 15, 1979: The Day the Earth Started Moving  Again

kirk gibson tigers.jpgMy venerable colleague and longtime friend, Allen Krause, has been alive for thirty years now (as of today); I just put myself in his shoes and realized how miserable he must be having not seen his precious Tigers win a championship for a quarter of a century.

So this one’s for you, Al.

Just pretend Ernie Harwell is saying “Happy Birthday” while Gibby circles the bases.

Happy friggin’ birthday, pal!


Jeffy & RSBS Dear Readers Galore


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALLEN! Take it from me: 30 isn’t so bad. At least what I can remember of it (the mind does start to go). It’s 50 that’s the killer. Enjoy yourself!


Happy Birthday, A. Krause. You write marvelous, insightful cr*p.


Jane — There’s no way you know what it’s like to be 50.
Matt — Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Happy Birhday-I see you as the John Lennon to Jeff’s Ringo.


Happy Birthday Allen! Hope it’s a great one!


Oh – will there be cake?


If by bitter tears of anger and disgust you mean “cake”, then yes, Julia, there will be lots of it.

As the beatles would impart, “They say it’s your birthday so happy birthday to you.” I’ll impart what it feels like to be 31 in about a month and two weeks. For now enjoy 30!

Happy Belated Birthday Allen! Looks like I’m late to the party (as usual). I would wish your Tigers to be successful, but not at the expense of my Twins. Maybe they can win the wild card or something.


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