Michael Young’s Jedi Mind Trick Still Needs Work

Micahel Young.jpgThe Michael Young saga in Texas has officially come to an end with Young agreeing to move to third base in order to make room at shortstop for the rookie Elvis Andrus.  Despite his initial fussy defiance towards Rangers GM Jon Daniels’ dictatorial decision, Young now appears content to accept his fate as his inability to master the Jedi mind trick is exposed once again.

Remember?  Back in 2003, Young told management he would not move from second base to shortstop to make room for Alfonso Soriano; but the force was weak with him and he eventually did what he was told.

I highly doubt we’ll see an end to his failure at misdirecting the thoughts of those in power.  It just seems to be his m.o.  To prove this, the video technicians at RSBS located early footage of Michael Young as a little leaguer, which documents his sloppy approach to controlling the minds of others:

Pay no attention to the anachronisms in this video.  They’re there to trick you. 

And don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




Oh Jedi Master, me thinks the batter is a little young is he.


I love this video! I bet the kid is now 27, running an Internet company and planning to buy the Cubs. “I got a double!” LOL. Of course, his mother could have done a better job of explaining the game to the poor boy.


The batter is young, Julia… Michael Young.
Jane — his mother was trying to make everybody feel good, which is the problem with little league. Sometimes it’s necessary to know you failed.

I would have immediately benched that kid. Firstly for his lack of hustle and secondly for his clear lack of understanding of the rules of the game. He also brought shame to the Diamondback uniform.


That video made my day… no joke! And LOL, the “the batter is young–Michael Young”. Maybe master he will this jedi knight trick (my failed attempt at Yoda talk). “But what did I do??”–I’m still laughing.
May the force be with you,

I kind of sympathize with the guy a bit–the real Michael Young, that is. He gets bumped from second to short. Then he wins a gold glove at his new position and they move him again. I remember John Valentin put up a similar stink in the Red Sox clubhouse when Nomar made his debut. I think he got two doubles that day.

Steve T.

Any boy donning a purple Diamondback hat is a precious child of God. .


p.s. – The video clearly confirms he was safe.

Too funny man…too funny


Russell — He was doing his best Eric Byrnes impression. Cut him some slack.
Elizabeth — And with you… always.
Steve — Yeah, I feel somewhat sorry for him, but in the end, it’s his job to do what the team tells him to do and he gets paid well so he should be like the rest of us schlepps who do what our bosses tell us to do. y’feel me?
Matt — The child is not Jesus… but if he was “safe” then he’s the next best thing.
Baseball Fan — Exactly. Thx!

Haha that was an awesome Michael Young video. He does need a little polish on it, but I give him an A for effort.

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