Day One

barack obama inauguration.jpgMotivating.









Simply awesome.

All on Day One

And among a sea of people…

inauguration day.jpg

Our very own Allen Krause was there.

allen krause inauguration day.jpg
More to come on this historic day…


Wow. You go, Allen! Our very own correspondent on the scene. I loved every minute of the inauguration except Aretha. She needs to retire that hat.

You were there! Someone get Mark on the phone and get the front page changed to a picture of Allen who looks more like he’s in Moscow than the US Capital!

President Obama’s speech was wonderful, I just hope he is the man of change that he talks about being. Time will tell on that one.


How awesome to be there in one of the greatest moments in history!! I hope you stayed warm!

How wonderful that you got to be there and personally witness this great day! I was so inspired by President Obama’s speech. And I agree with Jane – it’s time for Aretha to update her wardrobe!


Jane just give Aretha some R-E-S-P-E-C-T haha had to say that. She can wear whatever she wants as she is still the queen of soul and always will be! Jeff, nice use of “feeling words” and I would have added non-nefarious just for the hell of it. You know how I roll.

If you had rearranged the order of those letters you could have spelt out the words “Ice Dig Mush”.

#1 again! Watch out for Jane!


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