A Day Late and a Dollar Short

jeff_allen_chicago_2007.JPGI have to apologize to all of you. I failed. See, yesterday was a very important day and I didn’t even say anything about it. Oh, I made the right phone calls and sent the correct text messages. I even added the appropriate email. But, when it came to our readers here at RSBS, well, plain and simple I dropped the ball. Or perhaps the more fitting metaphor is that I let the ball dribble between my legs for a base hit.

So, what is it that is so important that I’m now forced to wear a hairshirt while self-flagellating? Only the 30th birthday of one Jeffery Lung, that’s what! Yes, yesterday Jeff turned 30 years young and was finally allowed to join me in the pantheon of……whatever it is that 30 year old people are allowed to do. Regular colonoscopies? Yearly prostate exams? Whatever it is, suffice it to say that we are both there now.

Now, in order to properly show my shame, I am going to perform a penance that will prove how awful I feel. Jeffy, I hope you enjoy this. It will never happen again.



Allen – how could you forget?? You are off my “fruit basket list”! Happy Birthday Jeff! I’d make him gravel some more!


Happy belated Jeff. Don’t worry though. 30 is the new 20 *cough* lol🙂
– V [ http://flairforthedramatic.mlblogs.com ]

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Mr. Krause, as a fellow Tigers fan, I admire your humility and obvious affection for your friend in compiling (or acquiring) a tribute to the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals.

I also admire the sign making prowess of the St. Louis fans. Bravo.


Happy Birthday Jeff!
I got you a John Mozeliak voodoo doll. Just let me know where to send it;)

And shame on you Allen! Jeff remembered your birhday. Just for that, the Tigers will never get the chance to be destroyed by the Cardinals in the World Series ever again.

Happy Birthday Jeff. I wish I was older I’m only 11!

Bob, http://bostonsports.mlblogs.com/

Happy bloody birthday. I firmly believe most geniuses were born in January.


I must say, Russell, in his English drunkenness, is correct on this one. I share a birthday with Mozart himself. You should hear my Clarinet Concerto in B Flat Major. It’s to die for.

Allen, how could you have let us miss the momentous occasion that is Jeff’s birthday?
Happy birthday Jeff! Have fun with those regular colonoscopies and prostate exams!

Thanks, all! Bob, be weary of wanting to grow up too fast. Seems like yesterday I was 11.
Emily — Been there done that.
Erin — Can you make a Bill DeWitt doll too? He’s just as much to blame.
Katie — 2006… ah, what a year! what a season! what a WS!
Thanks, Katie. Go Clemson?
Russell — As I said earlier, yes, you are right.
V — 20 sucks. 30’s much better *cough*.
Julia — Consider it done.

Happy 30th, Jeff, and may this be the year that you not only plunge into the world of colonoscopies (sorry) but also take the plunge and walk down the aisle. Come on, you know it’s time. And Allen, don’t blame yourself. You did a nice job with that video. Even I wanted to yell, “Go Cardinals.”


Thanks, Jane. I’ll take the prostate exams over the colonoscopies but I prefer neither. And I was recently released from my former girlfriend… hit the waiver wire — no one picked me up. Does that make me a free agent now?
Go Cardinals!!!

Awh, sorry to hear that. Why’d she let you go? You were satisfied with 10 million were you? Or was it that you spent too much time sitting on your couch, Carl Pavano style?
You are indeed a free agent though. I’m betting you’ll get picked up before Manny.
– V [ htp://flairforthedramatic.mlblogs.com ]

Happy Birthday, Jeff! The 30s are some good years. Remember colonscopies are quick and painless, “aisles” are not. Be careful!
Allen – Thanks for the video. Watching it made me feel like it’s my birthday!/


Hey Jeff,
Happy Birthday!…a tad late :O) Welcome to the 30 club. Your body will now begin to fall apart in ways you never imagined possible :O) Ha, ha!! Kidding (sort of!)…anyway, hope it was a fun day!


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