Junior’s Legacy

Griffey's catch.jpgThe NY Times has a great piece today about guys playing in the majors now who grew up admiring Ken Griffey, Jr. I have to admit, even though there was never any danger of me making it to the majors, I feel the same way about the guy. I still have his Topps rookie card somewhere at my parents’ house and I remember going to see him play at old Tiger Stadium when he was with the Mariners. Actually, even though I was (and always will be) a huge Tigers fan, I was almost more excited about watching Griffey patrol center field that day than I was about seeing the Tigers’ cast of has-beens and never-weres. This was the 90’s after all, and there wasn’t much good happening at the corner of Kaline and Trumbull. And even though I know he’ll probably go down with some sort of injury part way through the season, I’d love to see the Tigers pick him up and unload Sheffield. Griffey at DH sporting an old English “D” on his ballcap? Yes, please!



Dreams are always good Allen!


I was hoping he would play in Tampa Bay, but to see him in Seattle would be a true dream for that struggling franchise.

When he goes in the Hall of Fame, you know he will be a first ballot guy.

Rays Renegade


I just assumed he’d wind up back in Seattle to finish his career. I don’t see him with the Tigers, Allen. I think you’re stuck with Sheff.


Oh jeez… Allen’s having delusions of grandeur like it’s January 2008 all over again. Someone give this guy a hammer…

Ah come on! Let the boy dream! It would actually give me a reason to watch a Tiger’s game. Griffey needs to find his next role in life, MLB network, coaching, what ever it maybe.


Oh poor Allen. I would much rather have Griffey then Sheff too if I were a Tigers fan but I have major issues with Sheffield.
I like Griffey a lot. He seems like such a nice guy. I hope he ends up in Seattle though.

Oh, that would be wonderful, Allen. As much for getting rid of that @%$hole Sheffield than anything else. Although I have to admit that poor Jr. will go somewhere, anywhere, where he can finally get a damned ring.


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