RSBS Featured at Rocky Mountain Way (Part I)

4795SEPIA.jpgTom Walsh, the heralded Colorado Rockies anti-apologist and globetrotting baseball blogger, has taken time out of his rigorous national tour to feature Red State Blue State’s very own Jeffery Lung in the latest edition of “Timeout at the Plate”.

**The RSBS interns would like to personally thank Tom for forcing Mr. Lung out of the office long enough that they could poke holes in his condoms and skunk his beer with complete success.

To read the full interview, click *HERE*.

And stay tuned for Part II tomorrow, which will feature the paltry persona of RSBS‘ fatalistic half: Mr. Allen Krause.

(photo by Constance K.)


Great interview of you Jeff! I look forward to reading about Allen!


Nice interview! So, at college, were you forced to say “Kalamazzo” five times fast in order to gain entry? :O)


Thanks, Julia. Me too.
Jenn — We just shortened it to “The Zoo”… and considering my college extracurriculars, it’s a quite fitting term😉

Great interview! I really enjoyed it!

Maybe you could take your comedy act on the road and perform it in CA? I would certainly come and laugh VERY LOUDLY.

Thanks, Kaybee.
Jane — I’m trying to get Scott Boras to represent me, to make those dreams come true.

Great Interview. I lobed reading it!

Great feature Jeff! That is so cool that you speak Chinese and that you got that scholarship. Truly, that’s incredible.

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