Me at Potatoes

We apologize for the lack of contact over the past 24 hours.  Allen arrived in Chicago on Saturday and the expected glutinous orgy of carnivorous consumption ensued, followed by bouts of general tomfoolery.

Jeff followed a more sapphic program while Allen explored an equally hedonistic path.

In the end, the RSBS interns caught them both in lurid and compromising situations:

Jeff & Allen 2.2009 002.jpg
Jeff & Allen 2.2009 026.jpg
The RSBS stew continues to simmer…


I think I have the same color tile in my bath room!


Sexy, guys. 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend.

Julia, I think that IS your bathroom. Sorry. Jen, we did… we’re back now. We promise… holla!

Mmmm…a catcher’s mitt is so hot!

Oh dear, pictures of Jeff in the shower in a desperate attempt to increase traffic. I thought you were better than that!

Nope, sorry, Russell. Gotta do what I gotta do. Two weeks in a row at number 3? That just won’t cut it here. Heads are starting to roll.
Kathy — You should see the chest protector😉

I’m just relieved that you took a shower, Jeff. We want our bloggers clean – as in steroids free.

You’re right, Jane. Can’t promise you anything on the “steroids clean” bit though. I do my best, but the pressure here at MLBlogs is just getting to be a bit much… plus I just signed that huge contract…

OMG..I want that glove! Wait a second….huge glove…shower scene…metaphor anyone? Ha, ha!!


LOL, hilarious. Your interns are handsome.. and some talented photographers. Good stuff. I take naps like that too hehe.. and maybe Buckner should’ve had that glove.
– V [ ]

Finally, something for the ladies! Posting sexy pictures of yourselves should take you all the way to #2 on the leader board. You’re probably going to need to put up more incriminating photos of A-Rod if you want to be back on top, though.

Jeffery Micheal Lung..i so spelled you middle name wrong…I dont want to see thses kinds of pictures around here!

Mmmm….chest protectors are so hot! Throw in some shin guards and…ooops…sorry…where was I? ; )

I told you a few shower scenes in your comedy routine would be funny but never thought you would use them in such a serious endevour such as RSBS Have you no morals my son, Allen made you do it didn’t he?

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