A Friday Film Analogy

buddha_stars.jpgThat Buddha sure wasn’t kidding when he said “Life is suffering.”

He must have been a Pirates fan.

Yet spring training is supposed to be that time of year when every team has a shot at being the best, every team has the opportunity to go all the way, every team can hope to be champions — well, every team not named the Pirates, Royals and now: The St. Louis Cardinals.

That’s right, folks.  The Cardinals were big losers before they even got to camp thanks to one General Manager John Mozeliak.  It is no secret that I hold little regard for the man who did nothing to better our ball club during this off-season, so I will refrain from further condemning him back to the bookish hell from which he originally oozed. 

What I will do instead is make it easy for you, dear readers, Cardinal lovers and Cardinal haters alike: those days of St. Louis fans harboring perennial playoff hopes are long gone.  And all that remains is an empty, blown-out pipedream much akin to that of one Theo Roll, modern dancer extraordinaire.

Don’t know who Theo Roll, modern dancer extraordinaire is?

Watch and learn (at the 1:35 mark look for some fine, world class, Academy Award worthy acting):

Get my drift?


Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




Wow, Jeff. How did you NOT get an Oscar nom for Best Supporting Actor? I sensed a little Brando, a little Sean Penn, and a lot of Will Ferrell. Good job!


Lmao.. wow. The world is indeed not ready for Theo Roll.
I may be calling this one early, but I’m thinking Randy Stockton will be the next Youtube sensation.😀
– V [ http://flairforthedramatic.mlblogs.com ]

I sensed some Mark Wahlberg Jane.. the Andy Samberg portrayal though, lol.
– V [ http://flairforthedramatic.mlblogs.com ]

i also like to give people my art. the last girl i gave it to is still on valtr…. whoa… anyway, nice acting.

that video is to art as this video is to toughness:

just be careful, not everyone likes actors:


aww craptacular no videos on comments??
well heres the links…. lousy mlbblogs…


Be still my beating heart! But I would really like to know what Theo was doing with the tree at about 2:05 into the video. Or maybe I don’t.


My God that was beautiful. I’m at a loss for words… 🙂

I am moved. Forget that crap by Eastwood or Streep or Hoffman. Freakin top caliber acting and sad this short is not up for nomination. The academy is a joke. Enough said.

After we oust Selig perhaps we should raid the Academy and get Theo in the know. It’s a tragedy the way the system alienates the little guy nowadays. Thank you all for your support.
DK — Special thanks to you for providing those video links which have certainly made me a better… er… man.

That picture looks kind of like Bicentennial Man


anytime Jeff. seriously though, the video was great, watched it several times and laughed more each time. Da’vinci and helicopters… priceless.

Forget the Oscars, you guys need to have your own show! I would watch this over whatever crap TBS is trying to pass off as comedy these days.


May I please obtain permission to use that picture of the Buddha for a non-profit purpose to produce a poster to commemorate Visakha Puja Day (’09).

Thank you very much.


TWP — Go ahead. I downloaded it off the internet somewhere, so technically, it’s not mine… but such is life on the internet, eh?

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