We Figured Out Manny

How is it that such a high profile ballplayer is able to become invisible whenever he feels like it?

How is it that such a high profile ballplayer is able to cause mayhem wherever he goes?

How is it that such a high profile ballplayer had his heart set on California and only California?

We figured it out, folks:

manny ramirez 99.jpgOf course, this also explains why he bleeds neon green, why he makes guttural nonsensical noises and why he appears so alien to the rest of the world.

But in the end, dude can play baseball.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



(**Manny image courtesy of the Associated Press**)


Another reason to stay away from LA-LA Land.


I really cannot find that video man. I just typed in Pujols and a bunch of vids came up, but I couldn’t find that specific one.


haha Manny is ridiculous.

The similarities between the two are uncanny. Glad someone figured it out.

I’m a fan of how those two pictures look alike. That’s really the only way I’ll ever be a fan of Manny until he goes away forever.

“How is it that such a high profile ballplayer is able to cause mayhem wherever he goes?”

Something tells me the mayhem wouldnt be so quite enabled if he hit like David Eckstein🙂


Great investigative reporting. It ALL makes sense now. Somehow I think Manny would get a kick out of the comparison, except for the fact his secret is now out.


I just wish I had hair like that

Go Giants! Go anyone other than Manny. The only time I say Go Manny is when I wish he would go away! I wish Manny would learn its about team! The country is in a recession but you still got your deal, so who cares? Right Manny! Its all about you and no one else. Rush says he wants Obama to fail. Well I want Manny to fail!


If Manny is Predator, then I wonder what that makes Scott Boras. Alien, maybe? And I guess Ned Coletti must be Arnold Schwarzenegger, then.

That’s incredible. lmao


Manny can hit but he can’t pitch…no play-offs for Torre and company…


Valid points all… except for FOTR. LOL. I think Manny could pitch if he put his mind to it… problem is, no mind, no pitch. Snap. Oh, and D’Hacks… thanks for bringing up Eckstein — the one who got away😉

I think I’m going to start calling Manny “The Predator” because of this post!

The pitching will come around. Remember hope is eternal!
Welcome Mannywood!
We Love L.A.! WE LOVE IT!!!

Zkonedog & Emma — We do love it… sorta… the predator part anyway.

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