Obama Falls to GOP Pressure, Poses As Tusken Raider; Oh, Yeah, and US America Wins!

ann coulter rush limbaugh bobby jindal.jpgThough I cannot necessarily prove this theory in conventional form, as an honest human being with an affinity for disclosure, I assure you that I have good reason to believe both Republican juggernauts Ann “She-Devil” Coulter and Rush “Just Call Me Jabba” Limbaugh were hunched over their television sets last night vehemently rooting against Team USA, praying to their hypocritical conservative god that Team Puerto Rico would find a way to quell the dreams and aspirations of US Americans worldwide.

It didn’t work.

Jimmy Rollins and David Wright became the baseball versions of Barack Obama and Joe Biden — once bitter rivals who put aside their differences, bridged the gap and brought home a win when it mattered the most.

Get over it.

That goes for my colleague, Mr. Allen Krause as well.  Because we all know that Mr. Krause would rather see Rollins and Wright duke out that “choke-fest” moniker on the field — the last man standing to be crowned the argument’s winner; but if we US Americans are really about anything, we are about coming together in times of need, when it matters most.

Unless you are a Republican, of course.

And though Obama has done a fine job of staying the course early on in his presidency, it appears he finally gave in and enlightened the snickering skeptics and delinquent ditto-heads by unintentionally posing as a Tusken Raider for the cameras:

obama tusken raider.jpgTusken Raider.jpg
This unfortunate photographic gaffe comes on the heels of an equally embarrassing egregious error regarding the double-talk surrounding those suspiciously infuriating AIG bonuses paid out to the very individuals responsible for schmucking the company’s total worth in the first place.

Are the Dems backpedaling on their original outcries?


Does this reflect poorly on the majority administration?

More harm than good, I would say.

Should we blindly follow the GOP sideshow leaders and trust that malcontent dissension is the social bonding agent of the future?

Hell no.

Rollins and Wright.  Braun and Lilly.  Jeter and Youk.

There is a time and place to battle it out, folks.  But when enemy minds come through together in the clutchThat, my friends, is what makes the United States of America the greatest country on earth.

Ah… If only politics would mirror baseball.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




LOL re: the Obama photo. Way to go for Team USA, though. Take it all the way, boys!

Time to go indoors. Republicans are easily startled, but will return…and in greater numbers.



Cockroach — We aim to please. Glad you liked it!
Chris — I know. I’ve endangered the mission. I shouldn’t have come.

BUT Jeffy – you’ve got to love a guy who dyed the fountains green at the White House yesterday! Wonder if they had green beer also??


I’m sure they did, Julia. We here in the Chi are used to having green beer on the regular… oh wait, that’s just the color of Old Style. My bad.

I saw the game as a triumph that resembled America well playing at its best when the team was down but not out, working together to preserve its right to play in yet another round.

I nearly didn’t survive that ninth inning last night. It was intense. I *almost* started chanting, “USA USA”….alone in my bedroom, mind you.


I knew I was going to enjoy this post as soon as I saw “Tuscan Raider” in the title!

What a game last night!!


Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh could never put aside their idealogical differences with the president, even if it is in the best interests of the country. They would never sell any books that way!-Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.mlblogs.com

You have to give Obama credit for filling out his bracket for March Madness on ESPN!


Aaron — Triumph indeed. Like that insult-comic dog. Right?
Katie — Almost? Next time, just do it!
Kathy — We aim to please.
Erik — YES!
Erin — And they’re sellin’ a lot of books.
Scott — Credit given… though I don’t know a thing about basketball so I’m not terribly excited about it.

Yes, if only….
Funny, Rollins was actually at Obama’s inaguration; maybe he picked up some tips there on how to play nice with others :O)


Jenn — Hopefully he also learned a thing or two about NCAA bracketing from the Prez.

Thank God you referred to Ann Coulter as a She-Devil, not a She-Fan. Whew. Obama’s supposed to be on Leno tonight. Think he’ll wear his White Sox cap?


One can only hope, Jane. Better that than a Tarheels jersey.

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