Vote for RSBS!

Our matchup is going on now over at The Max blog. Stop by and vote in the next few hours.

-Jeff and Allen


I voted for you. Good luck!

I got your back, hit it a few times and will stuff the ballot box a bit more with the random work computers at my girlfriends job. lol

Go RSBS………

Rays Renegade

I never miss an election!


Like Julia, I never miss an election. This one was haaaaaard cuz I love Kaybee’s blog too. But you won my vote. 🙂

Thanks y’all! Way to fill your duty as a citizen of US America! Brilliant!

You got it, my Cardinal loving friend. And, Allen.🙂

Alright, alright, I did my civic duty as a citizen of MLBlogs. By the way, what do you guys get if you win? Are you going to be the presidents of the blogosphere? That is a change I could believe in.-Erin

Just did a vote for RSBS… That was hard cause I do like Kaybee’s blog as well. I think it was your video blog that got me! lol

~ King of Cali

LOL. Kathy, thanks for including Al. He has a bit of an identity crisis anyway.
Erin — I think we get… hm… no clue. Sorry. I got nothin’ on the clever tip.
King — Thanks, man. We aim to please with RSBS TV.

I voted! There’s something very empowering about hitting that button!

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