RSBS TV: 2009 NL West Preview

Produced, shot and edited by Atonal Studios.

Special thanks to Theo Roll.

Very special thanks to Manny Ramirez for being the baseball playing equivalent of 20th Century Fox’s hit interstellar horror icon, Predator

“If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

(For best playback results, watch in High Quality)


“Whoever is the best at being mediocre…” Thanks Jeff. That means a lot coming from you.

Question: Is Allen’s sexual orientation going to be a topic in every video?

Yes and Yes… well, sorta.🙂

I will take this opportunity to thank you for all of these videos in general; I haven’t watched them all yet but they are great. And, since my blog had not yet begun when the AL West preview was posted, I’d also like to say thank you for not mentioning the Mariners. Seriously; they have no chance and I’d rather listen to Harry Caray impressions than talk of their mediocrity.
Thanks for reading/commenting on my blog!

I think the Royals are gonna sneak into the NL West and win it.

I’ll second Melissa’s question?


Paige — Thanks for the kind words. Keep comin’ back!
Erin — That might be their best bet to achieve something. 81 wins is all it will take to win the division.
Julia — The answer is still yes😉

Jeff – Just to give you advance warning – there will be more wagering going on before the season is over!😉 sorry.


I keep getting an error message that says the video is no longer available. Weird. Or is my computer afraid of what it will see????

Julia — I’ll be on the lookout.
Jane — Yeah, I’m getting the same thing from my home but it works fine from work. No clue what’s happening. I know YouTube was doing maintenance last night and they jacked up the vid so I’m not sure. My hands are tied by Steve Chen and I’m still groggy from watching that WBC final last night. Hearing Joe Morgan butcher names like W butchers the English language has left me very exhausted.

I pick the Giants too. I’m glad I am not alone in this assessment.

They have the pitching, Aaron. Pitching wins championships. I think we can all agree on that.

So much for predictions ha?🙂. parity, D’backs winning the divisions….. haha.
Dodgers with the best record in the N.L. with Manny not being Manny.
Detroit would be in 4th place in the NL West.
Love the video. I should check your blog more often.
Thanks guys!

Emma — Yeah, we’re not perfect. That’s for sure. Still, it was fun to do. We have a lot of vids up. They’re linked here on our sidebar. Check ’em at your leisure!

So it’s fun to look back at predictions so:
In review… so the D’backs suck and you missed the Dodgers call but so far you guys are funny if nothing else…
Outside the Phillies Looking In

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