Where We’re Coming From

jeff_allen_nats.jpgJeff’s weekend visit to our nation’s capitol got off to a wild start at
Nationals’ Park as every run scored via home run. And if that wasn’t
enough, Jeff’s not-so-secret man-crush, Albert Pujols, came up a triple
short of hitting for the cycle. But despite all that, there was really only one truly revelatory event during the game.

See, there’s a moment in a baseball game when your clean-up hitter steps to the plate and a song fills the park as it blasts out of the speakers. At this moment the opposing team feels a little shiver of fear and the crowd leans forward in anticipation. Unless you step up to Phil Collins belting out “I can feel it coming in the air tonight.” At that point it’s fair to say that fear is probably not what your opponent is feeling.

Ladies and gentlemen, Adam Dunn and your 2009 Washington Nationals!



Hope you guys are having a great time. But Phil Collins? Oh my.


You guys are too funny.


Reminds me of that commercial where Lebron is singing “Time After Time” to get pumped up for the game. Hilarious.


Hey! I like Phil Collins and “In the Air Tonight”. But then, considering the fact that I was also a Barry Manilow fan in my youth, I guess that’s pretty much proof of my less-than-cool taste in music! I hope you’re enjoying your visit to DC.

Bet Dunn is wondering what he did wrong in a previous life to have landed with the Nats….ha!


Phil Collins for Adam Dunn? Who the hell chose that?
Well, I hope you guys are having fun!

I love the Phil Collins song – but it was an odd choice.


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