A.A. Milne, Spinning in His Grave

As the hysteria over swine flu (H1N1 as those in the biz call it) recedes but before it evaporates entirely, I’d like to point something out. The Kansas City Royals are the flu’s baseball equivalent.

For the past couple years the Royals have started off red hot. Like the heat that was generated by all the pundits jabbering away about the possible pandemic. It’s kind of the same thing. People think that this is finally the one, finally the year when it happens. And both have all the markings and possibilities of pulling through.

For instance, they say great pitching wins championships and no one is pitching better than Zack Greinke right now. The Royals have great young talent just like the swine flu has a great new genetic makeup. And as if there weren’t already enough eerie similarities, the Royals haven’t really had any success since the mid-80’s while the swine flu last came a knockin’ in the mid-70’s.

But the sad part (or happy, depending on which one you’re talking about) is that soon enough, just like the flu, the Royals are going to be shown up for the hyperbolic hoax that they are. It’s not their fault. Small market teams, like poor little Piglet in the picture below, really just can’t compete in the current market.

If you ask me, Pooh is pretty much dead on. And soon enough, someone is going to follow his suggestion and put the poor Royals out of their misery. However, there is a bright side and I think that’s where we should focus. Bacon anyone?



Oh you are bad!


Zack Greinke… I love that kid. He’s gonna be a future CY Young winner. But I totally see your point about the Royals being like the Swine Flu.

Fan-freaking-tastic. I think small market teams can compete, they can. Maybe not year in and year out, but for a single season or two. Just not crappy ones like the Royals. They’re benefitting by being in a down division, and they – like the upstart Pirates – are getting very nice pitching performances.

But neither is sustainable. Once the weather heats up, so do MLB offenses, historically. And it’s unlikely they’re going to continue to play out of their heads as the season grinds on. And on. And on and on and on. Hats off to both of them for doing so well this early, but it just isn’t going to last.


Come on lets hope it will last, so we can have another I 70 series and the Cardinals can get even and win this time.

That is terrible Allen.
I hope the Royals don’t continue like this, obviously. They may be the real deal though. I guess we’ll see.

Well, other than the fact that Sidney Ponson is their fourth starter, the bullpen is anchored by the likes of Kyle Farnsworth and Horacio Ramirez, and their defense is as crappy as ever, the Royals do actually have a pretty good team. And, sadly, it’s possible that none of those things will keep them from winning the division this year.

I can’t believe I wrote about the Royals and didn’t even mention Farnsworth! Man, I must be losing it.
RR15, I think you’re dead on. The Pirates and Royals are getting great pitching to start off the season but I just don’t think it’s going to last.

Allen is a bad boy. Tee hee.

Royals = swine flu. Got it. But Greinke being 6-0? That could be a the real deal, as in a total global meltdown.


You know, I really didn’t like Pooh much before. But now? Pooh totally rocks! ;O)


OMG! that is bad so bad BUT clever.

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