Spring Awakenings

The birdsongs and pollen currently filling the air in our nation’s capitol have led to the unleashing of a slightly more nefarious force as well. That’s right, as spring slowly turns into summer Dick Cheney has emerged from his sarcophagus (conveniently designed to look like a man-sized safe) and taken to the airwaves. His reason? Newly minted President Obama is making the US less safe.

Now, I love Dick, Cheney that is, as much as the next guy but this is a little out of control. Guy won’t talk to anyone for 8 years, even goes so far as to have his residence removed from Google maps, but now he’s showing up on every news program between here and Utah. What gives?

Listening to Cheney’s arguments is like a less funny version of this:

But, on the bright side, he gets it about as right as the Cleveland announcer on Friday night who called Sizemore’s shot gone. Oops.



He was filling in! Give him a break! Will you ever let it die? It’s very upsetting.

Curtis Granderson is a great player and that was a heck of a grab.

No Melissa – they won’t let it die!


“Birdsongs”? What kind of self-respecting man uses the word “birdsongs”?

Ah yes, lots of nefariousness around these days. Jeff added a special pick to my blog just for you as a dark horse pick in the ongoing debate of hot female analysts.

Cheney needs to spend more time watching ball games. It would put him in a better mood. Maybe.


Jane — not if he was watching Yankees games. He might kill himself if that were the case.

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for the comment! Indeed it is a beautiful ballpark. One of the few things Disney did right when they owned the Angels! I appreciate the welcome. Remember, girl baseball fans rock!

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