Golden Guys

RSBS works hard for you, dear readers.  We toil.  We sweat.  We drink a lot of beer.

And last night was no different.

Utilizing my entire working catalogue of international sleuthery, I managed to catch up with Randy Johnson and Gary Sheffield for a fantastic photo opportunity prior to the start of the Mets/Giants game:

old people baseball.jpgThis thing, it’s… friggin’ golden…

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




LOVE IT!! But I’ve got to tell you – Wii Bowling rocks! lol!


No fair showing that picture of my husband and me having a little fun!

Julia — True dat.
Jane — Who took the time to make an actual home plate? That’s dedication!

Funny. Hey I moved my site to the link below. Add me to the top of your bookmarks page and delete everything below it 🙂

Very funny. But I’m no good at wii baseball. I hit foul balls and strike out most of the times!

Wii is great. I also have a hard time hitting in that game. My friend always owns me when we play. But then I beat him in a real game of baseball.

Joe — Cool. Will check it out.
Hyunyoung — I suggest wii bowling.
Dillon — Real life. Real life is so over rated.

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