Bedlam! Yay!

chicago theatre.jpgGet ready world, the Second City is about to take second stage (duh, the Cardinals and Tigers are playing) as Ozzie Guillen and his White Sox make their annual vomit inducing trip to that sacred dump on the Northside, Wrigley Field.  Emergency rooms from East Chicago to Oak Park, all the way up to Waukegan are expecting a full flow of the black and blued.

The only bad thing about this series is that it’s simply too short — and, for whatever lame reason (to curb unwanted drunken injuries perhaps?) the schedule puts chapter one of the 2009 Crosstown Classic on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday rather than stage the regular weekend raucous which often leads to… well, death.  Insatiable bloodsuckers like myself will have to find another way…

Still, this will be a memorable occasion.  Think Bob Probert with fangs versus Chris Chelios with brass knuckles, both of them drunk enough to do Phyllis Diller in a well lit room.  To celebrate the awesome combination of equally bitter/mediocre clubs sharing this fine city, we would like to continue what has become an RSBS tradition, with the sacred presentation of the worst rap song ever made:

“Black and blue, daz wha you gonna be!”

“Oh, yeah? It’s the Crosstown Ri-val-ry!”

No ball game — no matter how poorly played or mismanaged or lackadaisical — could be more embarrassing than that.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



*Remember, starting tonight, the Cardinals try to put an end to the blasphemy spewed by my Tiger-lovin’ colleague, Mr. Krause, and his incessant yet feeble attempts at revisionist history.  You had your Denny McLain, Mr. Krause.  We had our Wainwright.  Get over it. 

**Special shout-out to Tom Walsh from Rocky Mountain Way for taking the time to meet with me on Monday. Good times.  Post to come.

***Oh, and a special thank you to Sammy Sosa for making this Crosstown Classic buzz with juicy revelations!


Trust me Jeff, people get confused when you break out the hockey comments.

Yes, that would be the worst rap ever. Maybe if it wasn’t Piniella, it might be better. Actually, I take that back. It would be bad no matter who the managers were. But it still makes me wish I was in Chicago for the Crosstown Classic. 😦

Are you going to this love fest, Jeff? Sounds like it’ll be great blogging material.

I think Ozzie said it best: “It might be the battle of who’s the worst in town”. And what’s with all the day games at Wrigley? Is there some sort of curfew on the North Side?

Prince — You’re right. I should know better. Still, doesn’t everyone know Probert and Chelios?
Jen — Raining now… hope it makes the blood flow a little lighter this Crosstown Classic😉
Jane — Not going tonight. Watching at a White Sox bar on Southside. Next two games are days games and I gotta work. Catching them at the Park though next weekend.
Erin — If you haven’t been, Erin, yeah. I seriously think that’s what’s going on. The wasted drunkard to normal baseball fan ratio is super high during day games, a hundred times worse at night.

Neither Lou or Ozzie should give up their day jobs!


Julia, agreed!

And to think I miss Chicago. Too funny!

Lori — I know the feeling. Chicago, love it or hate it, leaves everyone longing…

At least your Cardinals beat the Tigers, Jeff. How many times has Albert been walked? Yikes.

49 times so far, Jane. I know. He also has 23 HRs and just 25 Ks. Amazing. Tell me he ain’t a perennial MVP.

Good pun at the end there, Jeff. Cross-Town Classic is always a great series– I need to get myself to Chicago.

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