Who Are You?

erin andrews surprised.jpgWe almost lost another one on Wednesday night. While people were busy mourning the death of Michael, Erin almost slipped away. But more importantly, with her would have slipped away Jeff’s chances of ever getting his date with Erin Andrews. See, this is the weekend when it all happens. This is the weekend when Jeff, if he manages to stay sober and focused, will finally make good on a quest he was given by god. Well, a god of the MLBlogosphere, at least.

And that chance was almost taken away. I just hope that this event serves as a reminder to my friend that he must take nothing for granted while….questing. Times change and if we don’t adjust, we lose out. For instance, my friend likes to remind me of how the final out of the 2006 World Series involved Brandon Inge swinging wildly outside of the strike zone. But now that same man is representing the American League and Detroit in his first All-Star appearance.

Perhaps we will see a similar change in Jeff this weekend as he stop swinging wildly and finally embraces the porn-stache over which he waxed so eloquently the other day. Perhaps this testosterone fueled accoutrement could provide the same luck for him that it showered on Keith Hernandez.

Or perhaps this weekend will be just one more of those odd “what just happened” events where we try to forget all about it and hope to god that no one ever brings it up over dinner.

The choice rests in one man’s hands. So tell us Mr. Lung, what will it be? Are you Keith Hernandez or are you the woman with a squirrel between her breasts? The world needs to know.



The power of the ‘stache should not be overlooked. I am sure your guy will score the date of a lifetime. It may be for pity, but those work too.

The squirrel lady scares me. Yet she transfixes me as well.

I am surprised to see the Cubs were able to take today’s game. After yesterday it just seemed like they would be overmatched. That is the beauty of this series, no one team seems to run away with it. I couldn’t see it, but it looks like a battle of singles. Um, those can be fun. Hope it was somewhat watchable.

Well good luck to Jeff on his venture for a date with Ms. Andrews.

Jeff, you are NOT the woman with the squirrel between her bazooms. You will make your move on Erin and your life together will be filled with bliss. And I will be at the wedding, beaming with pride.


Great, just what I needed, some nightmare fuel right before bedtime. Thanks a lot, Allen!

Jeff – GOOD LUCK!!! And we want photos!:-)


Jeff, GOOD luck with the relationship. Keep trying.:)

You’ll get her Jeff, I think she’s a Florida Gator fan


Tried today. Got soaked in the rain. Erin was in the dugout. I ended up going to the bar. Whoops! Back at it tomorrow. Will post some pics soon.

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