RSBS TV: “Jesus Hates the Cubs”

The world premier… of an RSBS original…

Produced, shot and edited by Theo Roll.

Directed by Jeffery Lung.

Starring James Tierney as Jesus.

Performed by Mauf Tauk

Mauf Tauk is Jeff and Theo.

**Pass it on, folks. Let’s get the word out.  Please send this link to everyone you know. We make this thing go viral and more RSBS baseball-related hilarity will certainly flourish.**

Want more RSBS TV?  Try Crush.  Or if you prefer talking heads, check *these* out.

*Note: Kirk Gibson won the MVP in ’88, but it doesn’t rhyme and we’re cool like dat so get over it.


Freakin’ hilarious Jeff! I’m still laughing my a** off. Yes, I really, really hate the Cubs.

Greatest video ever. I’m saving this as a favorite on YouTube so I can easily find it in case I ever need a laugh. I’m passing this on everywhere.

I am also laughing my @$$ off. Jeff. This is effing hysterical. YOU ROCK. You are made of win.
Kylie —

Thank you, Hyunyoung! thank you, Jen! thank you, Kylie! Yes, please pass it on to your friends and their friends and their… yay!

EMS should be arriving at my cube any minute now because I’m sure my co-workers think I’m having a seizure over here as I ROFLMAO! Man, that was f’n greatness!

Too funny….. you missed your calling Jeff…..
so fitting that the cubs are in the ‘City of Brotherly Love’ for a few days….
Outside the Phillies Looking In

p.s. We should declare this National Jesus Hates the Cubs Day, given the serendipitous footnote at the end of the post I made this morning:
Apologies for the shameless self-blog-promoting link…just seemed appropriate given the subject of the hilarity I just witnessed in the your video.

Jonestein, no problem. Promote away. That’s what it’s all about: bringin’ the laughs. I mean, who couldn’t use a laugh? EMS show up yet? LOL.

Devilabrit — I’m trying to catch up to that calling😉 Hope your Phils demolish the sCrUBS in this set!

OMG!!! But then again – we all know that Jesus is a Red Sox fan!! lol!! GREAT VIDEO!!!!


LOL. You may be right, Julia, though he waited a loooooooong time to give y’all salvation (but then again, you got it twice within 3 years so you must’ve been going to church on the regular).

Interesting video.

Dillon — Interesting comment😉

As Vanilla Ice used to say…”Word to your Mother.”
I will throw it out into the out sanctions of web-ville and we will see if someone picks it up and runs with it.
Viral hit…shooo nuff’
Cult Classic, everywhere but Chi-town
I will pass on the word of the redbird for you.

Rays Renegade

I always thought Jesus hated Detroit, especially after 2006. Of course, he’s never sent them plagues of cats or goats or Bartman either, so maybe he just hates the Cubs more.

Wow. This is a very very funny video!! Keep it up!!

RR — Thanks, brotha! Don’t forget, half of Chi-town (the southern half, everywhere south of Madison where I happily live) is all about Cubbie hatin’. (Sox fans can be quite brutal, believe me.)
Erin — I think you’re onto something. Oh, and he hates the Natinals too.
Holly — Thanks. We’ll try.

LMAO.. hilarious.. as always..
I know u grew out that goatee just for this video didn’t you? Lolz..
– V [ ]

V — Had to go thug. Y’know how it be.

Love it, guys. Very nice work! Need an agent? 😉

Hey, I put a link to your blog and your video on my blog. I also sent it through facebook to every Cards and Cub fan I could think of that would have laughed hysterically like I did. It is so true, its even in the Bible, keep up the good work,

– Andy

Funny as hell, and I have to agree with the message you send there, haha.

– Lisa

You have a real future in rap music :O) LOL By the way, the Phillies must hate the Cubs too…we beat them up good last night :O)


Great video! I’m walking around my house going, “Jesus hates the CUBS,” and my husband’s going, “What?” Love the Skittles on the beard, the “set” for the vid, the whole deal.

Roundrock — Yes. You interested? Nice to see you back!
Andy — You the bomb, man. Thanks! I’ll stop by soon!
Lisa — Just tryin’ to preach it the way it is😉
Jenn — I’m lovin’ the Phillies… while they play the Cubs that is.

Dawson won the MVP in 87 🙂

You guys have a lot of time on your hands, don’t you? LOL!That was an AWESOME! You guys rock (or rap as the case may be)! Keep it up!

Jane – My wife had that “I’m going to leave you” look on her face when I got home from work yesterday belting out “Jesus hates the CUBS”. I don’t know if it was the pathetic middle-aged-white-guy rapping or that she thinks Jesus doesn’t hate anyone(I’m betting it’s the former).
Later when “Baseball Tonight” showed Alfonso Soriano dropping yet another fly-ball to the Cubs outfield, she replied, “You know, he might just hate ’em after all.”

Jane — Much appreciated. Everyone should know this song eventually. They’ll be singing it in the churches even. LOL.
Joe — Okay, smartypantz; it doesn’t rhyme. Deal with it😉
Ginny — Will do! Thanks!
Jonestein — He does! It came to me in a vision. LOL. Thanks for gettin’ the whole family involved. You rock, dude.

Awesome Video!


TC — Dontcha know it! Thx!

We’re gonna try an sweep the Cubs for you guys today, but becareful what you wish for, with the Phillies in sweep mode and you guys visiting over the weekend…….LOL
Outside the Phillies Looking In

Love it!!! I am sending it out to everyone I know back in Chicago, except my 95 year-old grandfather. He doesn’t have a computer. And he’s probably at church anyway. (Lighting a candle for his Cubbies, no doubt.)

Devilabrit — Thanks (until this weekend). To tell you the truth, I’m quite worried about that series. Look at all those bombers! Jeesh.
Lori — Haha. Well, I’d like to say I hope it works out for your grandfather seeing his team win, but… well, I can’t. I may not have tact, but I do have principles. Hahaha.

I showed the video to my daughter. She loved the beard! She was trying to imitate you guys all day! Thanks for that – it was fun to see her trying to rap! LOL!

Ginny — LOL. That’s awesome! Thanks for the youth exposure. That’s our target audience. Haha.

Jeff- thanks for the learned Wrigley experience tip. It hath been added to the “Wrigley-from-afar 12-Step Program”. (also check out the new step 7, inspired by RaysFanboy’s Wrigley “trough experience”…lol)
p.s. showed the wife “Jesus Hates the Cubs”. She loved it but then smacked me one for getting the tune stuck in her head for the rest of the night. :^)

Hahaha! That’s great, Jonestein. My (and the Lord’s) work is done… sorta… still got a lot of season left to go.

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