Why I Love Crazy

julio_lugo.jpgJulio Lugo scares me. He’s the guy who walks up to you in a crowded room and sticks a knife between your ribs not because you did anything or because you deserved it but just because it seemed like the right thing to do. You can see it in his eyes.

But there is one thing I love about Julio Lugo. And that one thing is the fact that he now plays for the Cardinals and I know that this is having the same effect on Jeff as some Tijuana tap water. His intestines are forming such interesting knots at this point that he probably qualifies for some sort of merit badge.

The only other way I think you can understand how Jeff feels right now would be to imagine that you’re Jack Nicholson in the early 90’s and, as you come out of your drug and alcohol addled haze one morning, you read that the Lakers have decided to bring Bill Laimbeer on board. Jeff inhabits the same land right now.

Now, I’m not going to judge this move one way or the other. The Cardinals got a deal in that they needed a backup at shortstop and the Red Sox are picking up most of Lugo’s salary. And even though there’s no denying that he was a liability in the field and an ever increasing liability at the plate as well, everyone says that Duncan was loved in the clubhouse. So, maybe it is a fair trade. However, the upside on the “pissing Jeff off quotient” is out of this world so I am fully in favor and hope that John Mozeliak will stay the Cardinals GM forever.

So, happy Thursday to everyone out there and let me remind you one more time, just in case you forgot, that Jesus Hates the Cubs.



Jeff – I feel for you…..anytime – I have some extra rants you can borrow!🙂


Haha thanks for commenting Jeff. The O’s better start winning!🙂

So what no Lugo party at Jeff’s then… I had thought of just suggesting that he THROW a Lugo party, but thought that might induce other things being thrown… good deal STL… maybe he wont get out of Philly this weekend if you point him in the wrong direction… there’s me thinking you guys were going to get Rolen back and you went and got someone better… LMAO
Outside the Phillies Looking In

Advice for Jeff…get rid of Lugo as soon as you can figure out how too… You can’t afford to lose that many games!!! LOL!

Allen – Enjoy the tomenting…try not to have too much fun!🙂

We all need a little bit of crazy now and then…let us know when Jeff wakes from his anger-coma…LOL


The left side of your infield is a mess. I don’t think that Lugo is going to solve anything, though. He is merely a bench player these days. I know I was upset when we let him go to the Dodgers, but then things didn’t look so bad when I really considered what we lost.

Now if you guys get Holliday, then we’re talking division title and playoffs. As you said, though, Lugo ain’t the answer.

I’m sure Buerhle’s perfecto yesterday mitigated some of Jeff’s pissed-off-ness at getting Lugo. That’s the beauty of having two favorite teams. When one of them does something stupid, you still have the other!


My friends and I are constantly making fun of Lugo for various reasons. It’s good to see someone on the MLBlogoshpere doing it too.

Yeah, c’mon Jeff, where is the ‘Welcome to St Louis’ banner I heard you were promising to make Julio? Ashhttp://ashleymarshall.mlblogs.com

Lugo can contribute to group therapy with Khalil Greene.

Well, you guys just got Holliday. Not bad. Now, as a Cubs fan, I’m worried. Seemed to be anybody’s division just the other day. Now I think you’ve got it.

I’m kind of ambivalent about the trade because it makes the Cardinals better, but JUST LAST NIGHT I made a deal in my fantasy league to pick up Holliday. Not too bad with the GM skills, eh?

We’ll see how your new dynamic duo of Holliday and Lugo perform in Philly I’m sure, if they can find their way to the ball park in time….:-)
Outside the Phillies Looking In

He is playing for the Cardinals now? That should do a lot for your team. Good Luck. http://tribechick.mlblogs.com/ -TC

& Oh, mister “the Tribe doesn’t win very much so congrats..”
We won yesterday🙂 HA. Ok, I’m calm. Just thought I would point that out.

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