Everybody Breathe; Gaze at the Hottness

diana roberts.jpgWhat did I do yesterday?

Well, let’s see, I did Testosterone Propionate, Methyltestosterone, Clomid, Laurabolin, Nolvadex, HGH, Masteril, Agoviron, Ambosex, Chorvlon, L-Thyroxine, Clomid, Euthyrox, Neo-Hombreol, Maxiolin Elixier and a little bit of Testo-Enant and then I watched David Ortiz go yard against the Oakland Athletics.

Athletics?  Please.  If it ain’t full of Riboxifen it ain’t no athlete.

But who cares anyway?  I’m sick of talking about this and I imagine dear readers are too so let’s talk about something a bit more titillating, shall we?

It is no secret that the merits of baseball relevant beauties have long been a popular subject at RSBS.  From Erin Andrews to Gong Li (somehow related, trust us) to Kendra Andrews, we and our loyal interns always go for broke.  That is why we are happy to announce that the crew at Fantasy Baseball Dugout has launched its 2009 edition of the Hottest Baseball Wives contest.

heidi derosa.jpgAre you salivating yet?

If not, you will be (depending on your preference) and you can watch the video *here* and vote for the hottest baseball wife *here*.  (Ladies, you can participate too; it’s cool.  I promise.)

My vote? 

Heidi DeRosa. 

Hands down. 

Happy Friday!

And don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



(*Images courtesy of Fantasy Baseball Dugout)


this was the best article ever on mlblogs! woo wee!


Diana Roberts is pretty groovy.

now your stooping to an all time low to get people to RSBS….but a good low….hahaha well you’ve covered politics, drugs, religion and now babes there is only pizza and beer left….
I gotta stick with the Philadelphia support and go with Heidi Hamels, cause she’s hotter than hell…. and I’ve seen her without all the atire(wooohooo) an thats a bonus…..
Outside the Phillies Looking In

Ashley Eckstein is more like cute, not hot. Just sayin’. I’m not voting🙂

I like Jamie Kotsay. Best blog post ever by the way.

I stopped watching the video when I got to Misty May. Nobody’s wife is named Misty May!


Jane`- You don’t know who Misty May is? She’s more famous then her husband!

Was A.J.’s wife trying to recreate the Coppertone Ad with the stuffed dog?


Thanks, All. We aim to please… as much as we can that is.

I tried to comment on this post before but for some reason, it said I commented too many times. huh? Anyway – all I wanted to say is: I have a newfound respect for Jorge Posada. WHOA.


Jen — Me TOO!😛

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