The Filibuster

cover-image-al.jeff.deepthoughts.jpgI liked the link you had to that hottest baseball wives site. I voted several times. You guys ever think of doing something like that?

Berwyn, IL

Indeed, Mr. Krause and I may be seedy scoundrels, but believe it or not, we actually respect the creative ingenuity of other people, so much so that we would never steal ideas from another valiant force.  Of course, we also do subscribe to the ethics of reciprocity, and encourage everyone to do the same.  We are US Americans!  Rejoice in the merits of thy brethren yo!

The entry to which dear reader Josh refers can be found *here*, and the contest sported by the Fantasy Baseball Dugout pitting the most attractive baseball players’ wives is still going on *here*.  Stop by and make your, er… voice heard before August 31.

But since it is no secret that Mr. Krause and I have the propensity to feature the aesthetics of beautiful women here at RSBS, I bring you a very special treat. 

I am a child of the ’80s.  When I revert back to that happy place in the sky, it involves a lot of Duran Duran, Ozzie Smith back-flips and the original Star Wars trilogy.  Now, as a grownup (sorta) it also involves… well, let me just show you that perfect storm:

“Even I get boarded sometimes.”


Hate me ‘cuz I say what you’re thinking, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




Something on your mind?  Want to see Jeff and Al sweat (separately, not together, eww)?  Think you got a real stumper?  Send us your Filibuster question(s) by commenting or emailing them to us at 

***Pictures of Prince Fielder in skinny jeans also welcome, but of course, there ain’t no such thang.


I have a question for you two. If you were kidnapped and held at gunpoint and the kidnapper said, “You must root for the Yankees or we’ll keep you in this cave forever without food or water or women,” what would you do?

You can always expect great things from the RSBS guys. I agree that you should never steal any great idea from someone else. I respect that about you guys.

Jane — Thanks! That’s a good one and will stick it in the queue!
Dillon — Thanks man. Golden Rule. That’s all ya need to make it in the world.

You have a great blog here, such a great blogger!🙂 I will have to check that website out. I will try to think of a filibuster for you.🙂

The acting was stellar….🙂


Jeff, I have a question, how do you get your name of your blog like all pimped out and how do you add a background to that? You know like you did on myteamrivals? Could you tell me how to do that step by step?

TribeTed — Thanks for the kind words. Keep comin’ back!
Julia — Awesome! Puns are like puppy dogs to us: We love ’em!

Hey Jeff, I am back. And thanks for the site. I went there and now i have my name on the Chief Wahoo picture.🙂 Thanks, I owe you one… I will stop by here all the time. Is that fair?

TribeTed — No prob. It’s a reciprocal community, man. What goes around comes around😉

Jeff, thanks man.🙂 Good blogging. I have another post up about Indians traditions if you wanna stop by.

Links to hot chicks and video of hot chicks in bikinis are the primobolin of the blogosphere. How are those of us who do things the right way, by discussing things like Youkilis-Porcello throwdown, how awesome the Yankees are, and that greedy Strasburg kid, supposed to compete with that?

Ted — Will do, man.
Erin — Primobolin? And all this time I thought we were a blogging cocktail of Andronaq-50, Clomid, Clenbuterol, Eltroxin and Methyltestosterone put together!?! Guess we better get back to the basics, eh?

Wow…bulimia, botox & bikinis…all this and they can read too?? Fascinating stuff. Thanks for sharing ;O)


Thanks Jeff,
I really appreciate you doing that. Nice video, that blonde was hot.

Jenn — We’re just as surprised as you. Admittedly, they are better actors than those from the second trilogy.

Jeff, thanks for Commenting buddy.🙂 I just checked out your youtube account with all of your videos and I have to say, your acting is hilarious, especially on ‘Jesus hates the Cubs’. And I agree with you on that one!

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