More Proof that Jesus Hates the Cubs

The Proof:

The Point:

No arguments.  There are none.

Deal with it.

Jeff & Allen


You might be onto something. The Cubs were one-hit by Randy Wolf last night, and he drove in the game-winning run on a double! Plus, they sold the team to somebody besides Mark Cuban. Apparently, Jesus really does hate the Cubs.

That may be saying something there.

Jeff, I recently got a Twitter account. If you would follow me, that would help🙂

Jesus hates the Cubs, you and I hate them, everyone hates them! Except the fans of course. On the other side, Cardinals crushed the Padres 7-0 and I was at that game.

Haha yeah. That’s the only explanation at this point. JESUS HATES THE CUBS!

Julia —😀
Erin — Jesus also hates Mark Cuban.
Dillon — I think it is.
Ted — Will do, dude.
Hyunyoung — Jesus loves the Cardinals. Strongly dislikes the Padres.
William — You got it, pal.

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