Incarnations, Reclamations and Exhortations

george_steinbrenner.jpgJane Heller had an interesting question regarding yesterday’s filibuster post. She asked:

Does this mean, Al, that you would have taken Steve Howe back 6 times like Steinbrenner did? He picked up Strawberry and Gooden too. He loved reclamation projects.

Now, first of all, I have to say that it’s a pretty low blow to compare me to satan incarnate. Am I older than god and incontinent? No. But the question itself is interesting. Baseball, like life, seems to be all about reclaiming, recycling and otherwise reusing. Honestly, is there any other reason that Kyle Farnsworth still has a job?

The first part of the question is easy. The only Howe that I would take multiple times is Gordie and any true Michigander would be right there with me. But if you look at baseball right now, how many players are in their newest incarnation as the result of some sort of experiment, some sort of reclamation? Rick Ankiel. Josh Hamilton. The existence of the designated hitter shows the natural (or unnatural, depending on who you ask) evolution of this philosophy.

But I guess here’s what I’ll say. If you can pick up a guy who’s iffy and he’s not going to be a cancer in the clubhouse, why not give it a try? And if you’ve tried it before and it didn’t work but you have a new approach this time, I say go for it. In the end, that’s what sets your run of the mill GM or owner apart from the greats. The great ones recognize who can still contribute and in what way while the other guys just fish around and hope for the best.

Here’s a good rule of thumb, though. Kyle Farnsworth is beyond reclamation. Can we just agree on this once and for all?



NOOO!!! Farnsy is the only reason the Twins are still in this thing, so I hope nobody ever, ever, ever gives up on him. Ever.

Wow, two consecutive Allen posts…did DC shutdown or something?

I’m thinking it did shutdown.
–Says Jeff from under a bus

And you are much better looking then the devil incarnate.


I say most reclamations are fine as long as it doesn’t include….ex-wife…John Smoltz…Pedro Martinez….and as per Allens closing statement….Kyle Farnsworth
Outside the Phillies Looking In

Allen, you must have a love affair with Kyle Farnsworth don’t you? Jeff was right all along.:)

You’re right about Gordie Howe. LOL. But it’s interesting that so many teams have taken Sheffield, including the Tigers, even though he is ALWAYS a toxic presence in the clubhouse after his first or second year with a team. Never fails, and yet GMs keep giving him a job.

Funny, ‘cuz Al also loves him some Gary Sheffield dirty-talk.
–Says Jeff… still under that same bus

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