Hope for Teddy

nationals teddy roosevelt.jpgDear readers, there is no denying it.  The 2009 Washington Nationals are a complete embodiment of the new, hip and devastatingly adroit four-letter word dominating the interwebs.  And that word is FAIL.

The Natinals‘ pitching is atrocious.  Their defense is vomit inducing.  Their front office is turbulent.

And, worst of all, Teddy Roosevelt still can’t win a race.

But this is U.S. America, my friends.  And in U.S. America, we U.S. Americans can do anything we put our minds to… well, anything except provide universal health care, halt military action in Iraq and establish a sound domestic economy, of course.

Yet I have faith in the future of this franchise.  They can hit.  The Zimmerman/Dunn centerpiece in D.C. provides a solid foundation.  Indeed, there is hope. 

Because if someone can take this:

And make this:

…then miracles are possible!

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




That made me laugh/cry on so many, like um, such as, levels. Only in US America.
(at least he was polite)

Haha! No kiddn’. Jonestein, did you read those comments on the first vid? That’s even funnier than the video itself… I about died laughing… I was like um I was like um I was like um…

Somebody help that poor kid! I think his brain must be stuck or something.

Yes, the comments were hysterical – “…keep ballin”
Now if the poor fella does have a stuttering problem, then I feel kind of bad laughing at him.

So Teddy is a runner?

Never thought Mr. Roosevelt would amount to much success other than the office,

but I guess he amounted to his life long dream? =)

I hope he ends up winning a few races,

just like the elections.

He should be the front runner,

so place your bets!!

At least something is fun about going to Nats games huh?

Now Ted’s Take:


It’s like um..like um…like um…like um…(slap)…amazin what technology can do…just not for the government…oh sorry the ‘U.S.’ American government…or apparently the Cards when playin the Braves they wasn’t umm readin it right…
Outside the Phillies Looking In

Erin — No kiddin. I think it’s funny how the kiddos automatically think he’s “trippin”.
Jonestein — I’d feel bad if he does have a speech impediment… for like five seconds… then I’d go back to laughing. I’m a sorry SOB.
Ted — He’s never won. He never will. LOL. Do you even read these posts are do you just comment? Doesn’t matter to me, but I was just curious.
Peter — LOL! Don’t worry… no Brad Lidge-like implosions in St. Louis… just some tired bodies. They’ll get it together again, starting tonight! I waz juzz readin’ right…

How come Adam Dunn can only hit well when he plays first base? That’s my question.
He hits worse and his defense is lousy when he’s in the outfield.

So is that what umm…like…ummm…..happened to the…ummm…Bills last night?


IBDB — I don’t think that’s the case. He’s played both left and 1st and he’s been hittin’ dingers all year. He is lousy defensively no matter where ya put him.
Julia — Um…like um… I was just readin’ right… and I was like um…YES!

Oh, great. I was about to go to work after reading this entry and now all I can think of is…LIKE UM. Thanks a lot!


Jane — I was like um gonna like um I was like um I was like um just readin’ right and now I forgot what I was gonna like um say and like um.

I thought they gave these players public speaking classes? Purty darn umbarrassing umdontchathink?

Buz – http://buzblog.mlblogs.com/

Um like I was like um, like um, yeah, Buz, I was like um like um I was I was just readin’ right and I was like um ——– infinite.

OMG. I click on the second video and I was like um I was like um trying to make it stop.

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