September 2009

Programming Note: Ninemen’s Morris

Dear Readers, 100 hundred years ago…

Before there was Red State Blue State

There was Ninemen’s Morris.

Featuring the lively columns of:

silas red quigley.jpgSilas ‘Red’ Quigley
Editorial correspondent for the Boston Wax-Intelligencer.  Editor/Publisher of various workers rights
publications, sporting weeklies, and Ladies Garment Journals.  As a youth he was attache to Henry Chadwick (claims to be the
uncredited co-creator of the box score).


alabaster eastman thune.jpg‘Alabaster’ Eastman Thune
Former editor of the “Follies and Whatnots” section of the Chicago Inter-Ocean. 


Currently unemployed.

“Alabaster” is known for coining the popular quip:  “An Irishman and
his whiskey are like the Father Sky and his Sun – you are guaranteed
that the latter will show up in the former each day of God’s blessed

– – – – – – – – –

column enlivens politico-diatribe with concurrent Base-ball imbroglios!


fresh perspective on the national status.


“I’d sooner self-immolate via hari-kari than miss a single missive!”