Why I Want to Die…

…because Chris Duncan somehow invaded the body of Matt Holliday and the St. Louis Cardinals broke my wounded heart.

Sorry, dear readers, but I have nothing else to say about that.

It is Friday… and we like to make people smile on Fridays… but I haven’t the ability; so please go peruse the message boards of B3TA for a good laugh.

If you need me, I’ll be under a rock.


P.S. Matt, you know I still think you’re the man, but throwin’ you under the bus is the only thing keeping me from lying down in front of one myself right now.  I know you understand.

(*Shout out to Miller Park Drunk for the image link — click it if you dare)


What an incredible game. Weird how that happened. Baseball is a trip.

Buz – http://buzblog.mlblogs.com/

In case you brought your computer with you under that rock, I’m here with condolences. And “Dave,” a commenter on my blog, just posted a sympathy note to you! LOL!


Would you like a rally towel to wipe the tears? I have an extra one. Oops. Sorry. I do feel your pain as I I’ve been there. Is ashamed that it happened that way and to Holliday, a classy guy but no way would I want to give it back. I imagine is hard to pick up the trajectory of the ball with the white rally towels. Incredible two games series!

Buz — Incredible. Yes. That’s one way of putting it. Defeating. That’s another. *sniffle
Jane — Thanks, Jane. I appreciate the sentiment.
Emma — I’m many things… a sore loser not among them. Your team won ‘cuz they played a hard 9…all 9. *Cap tip.

Oh Jefferson, this makes me extra sad since Holliday used to be a Rockie. We can mourn together.

Emmy — I feel ya. You have Jose Contreras though, so if he gets in a ball game, this type of gaffe is bound to happen to your team too😉 (I’m only half kidding).

Honestly, I felt sorry for poor Matt. I sit in left field front row so I saw the play. Some of the less than nice Dodger fans were into heckling him before that play and were worse after it. I hate the heckling but I’m sure Manny gets his share on the road too and he will get it in St Louis.
I just don’t understand what happened to Matt.
They play in St Louis next so we’ll see what happens next.

Matt Holliday…nothing you can say about that really, other than didn’t Franklin look just a little like Lidge…
Outside the Phillies Looking In

Note to anyone living near Jeff,
Take all the sharp objects away from the house.
Be sure to also take the pencils and the electric pencil sharpener.
Tie his thumbs to his hand so he can not poke his eyes out or remove his glasses and repeat the first idea.
Take the hair dyer from the bath room so he doesn’t have an “accident’ in the tub when he is in there with the rubber duckie.
And last but not least, be sure to delete the recording of the game off the DVR so he doesn’t have a memory of the event, then medicate him until the Cards win again.
If they lose another game………….repeat the procedures.

Rays Renegade


Jeff, you make me sad today. 😦 I still stick to my prediction, although it’ll have to be five games now. But I’m sticking with it! Cheer up. You get an Internet hug from me…which is always nice. *hug* 🙂

Ah, poor Holliday. Let’s hope he makes up for it by single-handedly winning the next game…
But an underhand catch? Really?
What astoinishes me is that they failed yet again to retire the last batter…
I’m not going to dwell on it, though. Because right now, I want the Cardinals to win almost as much as you do.

Great post. We all wanna crawl under rocks and die Jeff. : ( and I just got a new post up called “Ted’s Take,” Its kinda like the filibuster. I tried my best to make mine original. : )


Um, about your rock. Got room for one more under there?

Jeff, did you see the goof by “Blue” in the NY game? Horriblue! .. yet, why did Gardy NOT PR for Mauer??? What a crazy game.

buz – http://buzblog.mlblogs.com/

Ugh. Still whining. Good grief. Just gaze at the 2006 championship trophy, why don’tcha?

Wow, that error was a killer and totally unexpected. SO sorry :O( Hope they can pull the next one out!


Cat – It’s okay. You can gloat. You know you want to. I won’t whine and cry about it anymore. Promise😉
Peter – Sacrilege, my friend. Sacrilege.
RR – You know me better than I know myself. LOL.
Jen – Thanks for the hug. And I hope you’re right!
XCICIX – Dodgers are killer w/ two outs. The Cards were doing their best Cubs impression.
Ted – Thanks, man. I guess it could be worse. Could be an Indians fan. LOL.
Erin – Yep. Plenty of room under here. I know and feel your pain.
Buz – Big time goof… still, Twins had plenty of chances to cash in.
Prince – Good idea. Do you go look at the one from ’86?
Jenn – Me TOO!

I almost cried as I watched the game…and your guys aren’t winning now either! GO CARDS!!!


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