Beyond Non Sequitur II

There are days when you feel like you can run through walls. Everything is going your way and there is simply nothing that can slow you down.

There are other days when even making it through an automatic door is tough. For all those days, though, just be glad that this isn’t you:

However, we did learn an important lesson. Always confront your problems head on. Preferably not head on glass, though.



And he even came back to the “scene of the crime”!! Glutton for punishment, eh? Well done!

OMG! Nothing ever surprises me.. I’ve seen some silly sh** but that is hilarious. He consults his engineering books and then plays Mountain Goat! Hayaaa! too funny. The music is sic!

Buz –

So he consulted his books and the answer was multiple choice….1. – Use your head to solve problem 2 – common sense should help, if not see #1.
So he had no alternative but to use his head and good engineer would have done something else…
Outside the Phillies Looking In

Wow…let’s give him a Darwin award. He’s got my vote.

I had to tell that Tenace story. Dick’s my man ; ) I’m pretty sure today is the 21st anniversary of Kirk Gibson’s Game 1 heroics for LA. Maybe Casey Blake can make that #23 proud!

Buz –

My Mid-West Capo and his Underboss are summoned onto Twitter as soon as possible to protect the Boss. My ALCS preview/prediction is posted. Things could get heavy.

I actually felt sorry for the guy! He looked so lost. But he was a typical male. You guys never ask for directions.

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