Dear readers, what you’re about to witness is real.  Nothing has been altered or changed to assist my own, personal opinion(s).  Thank the baseball gods for screen capturing abilities while surfing the interwebs.

*Click on images for a closer view*

alex rodriguez is.JPGHmm.  One of those may not be correct.

derek jeter is.JPGI, personally, like Derek Jeter.

mark teixeira is.JPGAre you noticing a trend?

Hate me ‘cuz I gotz mad computer skillz, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I (and, usually, Google) am (is) right.




Thats freaky.. I got to try that with Bing now, cause they put up similar responses too…on another note… how do you like ‘firefox’ vs ‘explorer 8’?
and tonight I think it will be ut-oh

Sometimes I am afraid of Googling my name in case something comes back that puts me on a water tower with a high powered squirt gun soaking the masses.
But seriously, some times I think the slander and libel laws are rolling around in circles for some of the stuff printed as opinion and personal comments by people.
But I guess it could be worse………..they could always be talking smack about Alan?…………….or do they?

Rays Renegade

It’s a crazy thing Google is. Sometimes you just don’t know what you’re gonna get.

Peter — I haven’t used Explorer since 2005 or so. Firefox is the only way I swing these days… though I would try Chrome if forced to.
RR — When I google my name I get a bunch of crap warning me about lung cancer… and yeah, everyone talks smack about Allen. It’s fun. Try it sometime.
Dillon — Exactly. Like today, I googled “Why do I feel like crap?” and it led me to some nasty fetish sites. Won’t do that again.

I’m with you on Firefox Jeff!

And Congrats! The Latest Leader’s List is out – it covers the whole regular season (4/4-10/4) and you guys are #3!


Thanks, Julia. Firefox is fire-sweet. What? Yep. I just blew my own mind.

Now I am the one that feels like crawling under a rock.

That is just…f’n…funny. Congrats on you MLBlog rating. Good original stuff.

I guess there’s no way to know which closer may faulter…timing is definately everything…

People have been Googling me. It makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something and worried all at the same time.

Emma — I feel for you. I really, really do.
Mike — Hehe. Thanks, man. Appreciated.
Peter — The point is… closers aren’t supposed to falter. That’s the issue here.
Prince — Now you know how celebrities feel. It’s a double edged sword man. Embrace it.

Jeff.. now I’m the one that feels like crap. But, based on your previous experience I won’t be asking Google why.. chuckle.

Buz –

Yeah, Buz… don’t know what got into Broxton, but that was inexcusable and I imagine you’ll be upset for a long while.

congrats on being so consistent even in the offseason. you guys are hilarious.

Matt — Thanks, man. Every day brings somethin’ new… so we hope.

Okay, I admit, I LOLed, but Google best stop hatin’ on my boys, and you should too, Jeffy! At least you didn’t hate on Jeter. I can dig it.

– Lisa

Lisa… it’s hard NOT to laugh. That IS some funny stuff. All user-based too (so Google says). Jeter is one of those guys that it’s impossible to hate… no matter how hard I try.

Oh, dear. The trends are rather frightening. And they made me laugh. A log.
“derek jeter is married”?
Try the past few years’ worth of award winners. CC Sabathia, Tim Lincecum, and Albert Pujols are the only ones that come up with anything…but it does follow the trends.
Or just try Randy Johnson plus a space at the end.
You will laugh. Whether at me or at the search bar, I don’t know but you will.

xcicix — Haha! I remember the Randy Johnson bird thing… who doesn’t!?! Still one of the best things to ever happen in sports!

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