Just How Good Does it Get?

Life must look pretty good to Cliff Lee right about now. Leaving behind the festering garbage heap that the Indians have become and landing four wins away from a World Series title is just about as good as it gets.

Meanwhile, a guy like Jake Peavy goes from the most perfect weather in the United States to the intemperate hell that is Chicago. Sure, he may have helped ruin the Tigers’ chances at the postseason but that’s not much to hang your hat on.

However, as good as life might be for Cliff, I’m pretty sure he’s nowhere near as happy as this guy:

I’m sure I’ve posted it before but some things just need to be repeated from time to time. Lame attempts at Afro-Caribbean Jesus rock definitely fit that category.

It’s Saturday! Go watch football.



LOVE the video! And sorry – my football is on Sunday! Never got into the whole college football scene. Give me the NFL!!!


I’m glad Jeebus taught him how to “turn his cheek when people laugh at him”, cuz brother, I am laughing my a$s off right now!

Rainouts stink. Let’s get on with this thing. Finish it already! I think we will actually get a manager once this dadgum ALCS is over, so freakin’ hurry up!!


Nothing wrong with repetition if it fits. I can’t get enough of the following with the stat zombies:

If it fits, it convicts.

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