White Like Me

sammy sosa is white.jpgYep.  This is pretty weird.  And I bet you are wondering what exactly is going on. 

So are we.

That’s why, once again, we pitted our trusty RSBS interns to the task of discovering why Sammy Sosa is turning white.  After toiling for about twenty minutes, here is the shortlist of what they found:

  • Ran out of shower gel, bleach does a good job, life is rough in the D.R.
  • Wants to be remembered as a member of the White Sox; this is a good way to make that happen
  • Saw the ghost of Sammy past (circa 1989)
  • Planning a trip to the Northside of Chicago and doesn’t want to be recognized. Why? Urine Trough Diving. That’s why.
  • Combine Oxandrolone with Dignotamoxi add a little Methyltestosterone and BAM! You’re WHITE!
  • Sun bathing below the equator has a reverse tan affect, much like eating after midnight turns you into a Gremlin
  • The white skin came free with the Humphrey Bogart toupee package
  • Tired of living in the shadow of Mark McGwire, hopes being brighter will help him stand out while still stuck in the shadow of Mark McGwire
  • Took a look at the man in the mirror and decided to make that change
  • Sick of seeing Karl Rove have all the fun

Skin rejuvenation?  More like how could you make your image more of an abomination!

Hm.  Sounds better when I read that last sentence out loud.


Just don’t hate me.  ‘Cuz I’m right.



(Image courtesy of Getty Images)


I showed the picture of Sammy Sosa to a significant other of mine and she told me it is almost like that time on “Sex in the City” where Samantha got a chemical peel on her face and she looked like a ape’s booty for days.
Now I am not a metrosexual, or even a prim and proper guy, but you got to have some really big vanity and ego problems to even try and stay young after you are not even playing anymore.
But you also have to side with the fact we all do not like getting older, and maybe Sosa is having a worst time of it than most of us.
Me, I hate the gray hairs ( can dye them) Hate the wrinkles(Botox anyone?), but I could never see myself mutilate the upper dermal surface of my skin and then go out in public.

I have been called a babboon’s booty before, and I do not have to look like one too.

Rays Renegade


Maybe he just wants to look like his idol, Eddie Munster:


My laugh of the day was from the video: “Tell me what is your name?”, “MC Rove!” I did NOT know about that event. OMG!

RR — I like how you were clear enough to say “a significant other of mine” as opposed to “my significant other”. I always knew you were a player dude!
Erin — Yikes! And to think Eddie wanted to DARKEN his skin.
Saundra — Glad we could be of service. MC Rove is (and always has been) a HOT ticket!

So is Sosa trying to keep up with Wakefield, since he’ll be pitching until he’s 55?😉 Check that birth certificate, eh?😉

Greg — Yep. That was number 11 on the list. LOL.

I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist this one…. I think though they just launched a new product from the UK in the DR and he has the staring role….

okay so it’s not that funny but his look in that pic just reminded me of this dude… yeah I know I’m sick


This is so weird. I’m feeling so many Michael Jackson references today. I mean, this reminds me of MJ, and Lady Gaga’s new video is a modern version of ‘Thriller’. Pretty crazy. Or it could just be the effects of steroids. No more lying to Congress, Sammy, we have visual proof!

Peter — no doubt following the phillies bullpen for all of 2009 left you a bit sick. Think of how sick cubs fans are!
Elizabeth — if clemens and mcgwire turn black you will certainly have a case🙂
— jeff

If you could show the whole picture, you’d see that Sammy’s girlfriends juggs are differnt sizes which, I think, is even more desturbing. Maybe he could only afford to get one of them enhanced at a time?

Sammy’s doing a turn as the Ghost of Christmas Past in the MLBPA production of a Christmas Carol. (Note: David Eckstein will make a special appearance as Tiny Tim, using his bat as the crutch.)


I really hope he stops whatever he is doing. I almost threw up the first time I saw it.

Jonah — I’d pay about 50 cents to see that😉
BB — Threw up!?! Wow, dude… that’s some affective power he’s got there, eh?! Hang in there. You’ll make it.

Oh, and Mike, now I gotta go find a full version of that pic. Thanks for the heads up!

I’d go with your #1 – he ran out of shower gel and used bleach instead. Makes perfect sense. Doesn’t everyone use Clorox when they run out of Dove?


Jane — Like my mom always said, “Nothin’ gets your whites whiter than bleach.” I think Sammy is on the same page. And I prefer the generic Walgreens bleach to Clorox; Clorox makes me break out in hives.

steroids did that face good


I hadn’t really looked at the Sosa pics. WTF!?!?!

Matt — I love sarcasm too😉
Prince — I know, RIGHT!

What happened to Sammy Sosa!


PS. Check out my new blog



When I first saw this, I cringed and got the chills. Then I LOLed. I LOLed again after reading this. However, I resent that Humphrey Bogart quip.

– Lisa

Lisa! That’s awesome! I LOL all the time. Nothin’ like LOL’n to sleep, work, etc. Haha. I just like that phrase… LOL. If you look closely at Sammy, you’ll know that ain’t no joke about the hair. For real.

I haven’t seen the picture until now, only heard about it and wow- trying to be MJ or something Sammy? That is really kinda wierd. Different look for him seeing he is from the Dominican and all.

Holly — I don’t know how many ppl want to be MJ, but it’d be a big red flag if he is.

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