A Short Poem for Thanksgiving

Jeff_baseballIn honor of Albert Pujols’ second consecutive MVP award, RSBS wanted to congratulate him and his self-proclaimed biggest fan. And when faced by such a daunting task we turn, as we often do, to poetry.

‘Twas the eve of Thanksgiving and all over the net,
Writers were scurrying to finish posts and then get.
Jeff sat at home, quietly nursing a beer,
Mourning the end of yet one more year.
Leafing through catalogues and picking out faves,
Hinting at presents that could sure make him rave.
When out in the blogsphere the bloggers set a-chatter
And Jeff knew immediately what was the matter.
His eyes both lit up like a bulb in a fixture,
Then swiveled then focused on a framed Pujols picture.
Picking up Albert and dancing around,
Weeping tears of joy as he fell to the ground,
He toasted himself and thought “This truly is living!
More hardware for Albert, what a happy Thanksgiving!”



Effing brilliant!
*Gives Allen a Standing-O*


Very clever, Allen. I like it! Take care.

I agree with both of the above.

That was truly epic! *round of applause*

Great job.
And just like fine whipped potaoes and turkey gravy, both you and Jeff should also have the best holidays possible before we again get down to this fine games of guessing here about baseball.
I raise my grog of ale high into the air and wish the fellows and fellowship of RSBS the greatest day, and a bountiful feast.

Rays Renegade


Wow. Great, great poem! It’s truely made up of win.

I wish I could be as talented! Great job!

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