Beyond Non Sequitur IV

Has anyone seen Officer Lincecum?

Hate me, y’all!




LOL!! That is really funny! I don’t appreciate the connection you made with Lincecum, though. >:[ oh well. I’m sure there will be tons of jokes like these made for the next year, I should probably get used to it.

Apparently TIMMAY! has an off-season home in Northeast Minneapolis:

I wonder who’s going to take his spot in the rotation now that he’s going on an extended vacation.


Where are Cheech and Chong’s travelin comedy tour stop for last night?
I know Cheech might have stopped his liberties in the usage of the substance, but Tommy definitely might need a toke.
Could this be the work of someone in law enforcement from the Cheech and Chong “Nice Dreams” movie?
Where is Stacey Keach aka Officer Stedanko during all of this?
I want to know before TMZ tells me the answer people…..

Rays Renegade

LOL Tim Lincecum! We all know how he celebrated the Cy. Ironically, my mother made brownies the same day he won it. Only won variable missing from that.

Lauren — Yeah, that story isn’t gonna die anytime soon. Still, to me it’s not a big deal. Makes him human. The human freak.
Erin — I don’t know who’s taking his spot but it could be me. Just sayin’ ;-)…
RR — Hate to admit it but if it’s past midnight and I can’t sleep and TMZ is on the tube, er… I watch it… all of it… and like it.
Elizabeth — And that’s the BEST variable! Time for you to educate your mother on baking the proper way. LOL.

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