The Re-Edumacation of US America!

united_we_win.jpgTechnocracy is AWEsome. 

Isn’t it?

I think so.

In just the last few days we have learned things — almost instantly — that used to take weeks to find out about, back in the old days, when Kevin Costner was delivering the mail.

Thanks to the internets and interwebs, I knew exactly the moment Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan added “man-child disciplinarian” to each of their respective job titles.  Not long after, I also found out — immediately — that Rod Blagojevich still thinks he’s funny, that he views his federal scoff as but a minor annoyance, that his hair is cool.

It ain’t.

And of course, without our trusty series of tubes cranking out raunchy photos and seedy voice mails, how else would we know that Tiger Woods enjoys having sex — LOTS OF SEX — with people who are not his wife?

This is the re-edumacation of US America, people!

Ya gotta be fast.  Ya gotta be on point.  Ya gotta reinvent math!

fox news piechart 2.jpgThank you, Fox News, for taking the proper initiative, for getting it right, for setting the proverbial politico pundit record straight.

Or is it ‘strait’?

Yeah, it’s strait.  See, I got this!

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



(Images & Fox News Story from BuzzFeed)


I wonder if we ask nicely if all the Tiger Woods stories will go away? Okay…I’ll take off the rose-colored glasses and get back to the real world….


I think the folks in the FOX News Department of Mathumatix and Sadistics must take the old “Give it your best 110%!” adage a little too literally.

I was watching “Conspiracy Theory” with former Gov. Jesse Ventura last night and the phrase “Lefthand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing” keeps flashing in my mind.
Spin doctors make millions each year diverting and disillusioning people like me, and we take it as gospel.
“Green” technology is a billion dollar industry, and maybe a few falsehood have been written, reported, and even documented, but the reality is that we are still the biggest garbage producing country in the world because we do not assume post-purchase responsibility.
Makes me want to go out and buy a taco and throw the wrapper on the ground…………maybe.

Rays Renegade

Julia — Sorry to tell ya, but it ain’t goin’ away ANY time soon😦
Jonestein — Interesting you bring that up because my favorite class Freshman year of college was Mathumatix and Sadistics. Most of the people in that class went on to find jobs in Murders and Executions. Good times!
RR — The reason the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing is because it’s holding the Jergens bottle. *GROAN* Sorry about that. Couldn’t resist.

Funny how all these Tiger mistresses popped up at once…

Cici — Expected, given the circumstances. One comes out then they all come out and apparently there were A LOT. Brigade, actually. That’s the proper numerical term for such a large group of people.

Oh…a brigade as in “the idiot brigade”?

Yes, Cici. That sounds about right.

Leno had a good Tiger joke last night but I forget what it was. (I was half asleep.) As with certain ballplayers who’ve evaded the steroids issue, if Tiger had just come out and said something, this story would have been old news last week.

Jane — Leno probably put ya to sleep. I can’t watch five minutes of his new show without suicidal thoughts. And yep, you’re probably right on about Tiger. DOH!

Truth by twisted consensus of the sheep is always the way to go.

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