zack greinke depression.jpg
Yep.  Totally.

Don’t hate us ‘cuz we’re right.


Jeff (and Zack)

(Greinke image courtesy of Getty Images; text by moi)


well at least they got Scott Podsednik? I think they are slowly improving…. well.. uhmm.. forget it Poor Greinke!!!!

The Royals have such a great history and the fans deserve success. Here’s to another CY young year for Greinke!

Thank for your welcoming me to MLBlogs, Jeff! But, I have been a member since July of 2008. It’s just that I recreated my mlb account. Oh, and I won’t dissapoint🙂

Greinke looks more agitated than depressed in that shot. Maybe he’s constipated – stemming from the BBQ that KC is famous for, besides churning out Cy Young winners every 20 years (thanks, Saberhagen)?


yea…what’s going on in K.C. is pretty yawn inspiring. Shame too. Like Mimi, I remeber better times for the team and the league was better for it.

http://the BrooklynTrolleyBlogger.mlblogs com/

I couldn’t say anything better than this.

But the Royals signed Scott…..Podsednik…..

He does look more perturbed than depressed.

Mimi — I wish I could say Scotty Pods was the answer. He’s not.
Matt — Don’t confuse me by changing your name so much. LOL. I can only keep one name in mind per person.
Jonah — Often agitation leads to depression🙂
TrolleyBlogger — Unfortunately, we have to go back more than 20 years to find those days.
Hyunyoung — Holla!
Prince — Exactly.
Cat — Whatever it is, he don’t look good.

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