Temptation Hides Behind Cubbie Blue

hot cubs chick.jpgDuring one of my recent whimsical journeys through the interwebosphere, I happened upon this image (right) and the earthquake of emotion rocking my once unstoppable disgust for all things Cubbie blue is definitely causing some unique problems for me now, both mental and physical.

Unfortunately, there is little you nor I can do.

I think we just have to wait this one out.

So please, keep me in your thoughts.

And… may they be positive, complete with the interlocking “STL”.


Don’t hate me.

‘Cuz I’m right… I think.



(Image courtesy of this Photobucket page)


I can’t imagine the mental turmoil this photo is causing you – good and evil all wrapped up together. Be strong!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Where are all the hot Cardinals chicks? I hope you’re able to somehow resolve this great mental conflict. Good luck with that. LOL

-Fenway Bleacher Creature

Oh good lord…I think I just became a fan of the Cubbies.

If Jesus really does hate the Cubs, how can this happen?

Luke…come to the dark side. Don’t be a Cards fan…they don’t look like this. I am your father. In Chicago, all girls look and dress like this. Luke, put down the lightsaber and put on the Cubs Jersey. That’s it…now all of the beautiful Cubs fans will be yours.

Sue — I’m still no better… STILL!
Matt — Double-schwing!!!
FBC — I don’t know, but they better show up quick or I’m a dead-man.
Ez-Mac — This just goes to prove that Jesus hating the Cubs doesn’t go beyond the baseball diamond. I think.

LMAO! are they real? Be strong my friend and look away!

So MLBlogs lets us post pics like this? Hmm, it opens up a whole new world for me. I will now start looking for studly Red Sox fans. Oh, wait. Are there any?


Emma — I’m… tr–, try–, trying…..
Jane — Uh… we’ve been posting pics of pretty ladies for a long, long time. There’s less skin shown in this one than the others we’ve posted so yeah… I suppose so! As for studly Red Sox fans, there’s always Fever Pitch’s Jimmy Fallon. Yikes!

No Cubs fan is that hot. Clearly, this is shopped.

Haha! Mary, you’re probably right🙂

DOH !!
(uh…Trolley Central?…uh yea…we’ve derailed…call in the Claw. Huh? Right!)

Just patch over the Cubs’ logo, and everything is good. Or she could ummm.. Well, we wont go their😉

Nice…very nice…

Yup… see… now y’all are understanding what kind of turmoil I’m going through.

That pic caused F-Brain to forgo any outdoor activities (stalking and leering from the bushes) for the whole week. As long as he stays away from that which is mine and saves himself from my wrath. At least, I hope so for HIS sake.

AHAHAHAHA! Prince, you nailed it!

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