The Usual Suspects

What do you get when you cross an evil, faceless corporation with the soulless smile of a clown? 

clemens_ny.jpgOk, yes, that is a valid answer.  But what I was really looking for is this:

It may be cute.  It may be funny.  But to paraphrase close personal friend of RSBS, Keyser Söze, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he was a funny clown commercial.”



But what if I already view “The Rocket” as a carny clown who is trying to guess the weight of every woman who looks like Mindy McCready?
Clemens might be better served being the unknown third memebr of the Insane Clown Posse and shake a tambourine or bang a cowbell…..Worst thing have happened…

Rays Renegade

We’ve already found out that Clemes was a clown, so now he is so poor he has to star in Wal-Mart ads? McNamee must really have cleaned his clock! Hmmm?!…

Try “Clemens”… nice spelling…

I’ve never found clowns (or WalMart) particularly amusing. They must both be getting really desperate.

it’s just a matter of time before an expansion team calls themselves….the New World Order. Got peanuts?
Gee I hope the Mayans are right!

what a douch…the clown and Roger

Clowns are evil. Always have been, Always will be.

Saw that on TV the other day; clowns are now officially creepier than ever!


That shower curtain behind Clemens belongs in a wh*rehouse.

(sorry, that’s all i got)

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