My Lord, Will Someone Please Get Me a Goddamn Salad!?!

Note to King Bud Selig: If you wanna sell your product to a bunch of guys, hire Kim Kardashian for your spots… not Dane Cook.  Not Bon Jovi.

Chicks, Bud.  Hot chicks.

Maybe I’d settle for Reggie Bush.  Maybe.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




“Amen” to that, brother!

That was the best salad commercial I have ever seen.

While I am not into chicks, I may have to try that salad. She did look very happy ;o)


You bet, Jonestein!
Ez_Mac — Agreed. Totally.
Jenn — Yep… happy as a…happy as my wife-to-be. Yeah. That sounds good.

Make Kim Kardashian get you your salad! She can do your commercials, Joe Mauer can sell me a salad any day of the week.

I didn’t know who that was eating that salad but I decided I have to try it.

i enjoy the dane cook commercials and the tommy lasorda ones from a couple of years ago. buuuuut no doubt kim kardashian could make any man watch a baseball game. or eat a grilled chicken salad

….. lol not really a kim kardashian fan but whatever floats your boat!😀 Though i too want a salad (though without the chicken for this non-meat eater)……

Elizabeth — If I could I would. Psss, Mauer won’t be a Red Sox I’m afraid🙂
Cat — Me too!
Matt — I can’t stomach much of Dane Cook. Long story there, but we can agree on Kim. Yum.
Mimi — I’m only a fan of hers until she starts talking…🙂

Well, the salad looked good! Alas, my cleavage is not ample enough to catch dripping dressing. I guess she doesn’t believe in utensils? Then again, forks aren’t really sexy, are they?
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Sue — Yeah, I prefer she eat without utensils…or that she use mine *RIMSHOT!*

She is so good at making videos. . .😉

Indians… that may be all she’s good at… and by “making videos” we assume you mean “be in videos”.

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