Valentine’s Day Leftovers

Writing is therapy.

So let’s give this a try.

Valentine’s Day weekend may be over, but the imperfect thoughts left to simmer in my consciousness are still very active — so much so that I feel the only way I can avoid them is to disclose them to everyone who reads these pages.

Indeed, I have a pretty unhealthy crush on Jenna Fischer (Pam from The Office).  It’s a new thing.  It’ll go away, eventually… I think.

But just so you understand my pain, this is what dealing with this crush is like:


They say that without pain, you will never really know what it feels like to feel good.

But it still hurts like hell.

Hate me, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



– – –
PS. This picture essay originally appeared on Sky God!, my alter-ego site, which you are all welcome to check out. Updated often. Though be warned, things are definitely rated R over there.



Damm Kid…You got it bad. I offer you this one, and only one piece of TrolleyWisdom: You show me a hot girl, and I will show you a guy who’s tired of her.
I hope it helps put things in perspective for ya. I tried.

I like where you head is out with this post!

For me, Pam is the type of chick I’d use while waiting for something better to come along. OUCH!😉

Ratings- The higher you go up the alphabet scale the more I like it. In fact, if I see that a movie has adult situations, nudity, etc. I’m ALL in.

Jeff, (smacking you across the face repeatedly) wake up. Pam is way too ugly for you. You can do much better. We’re going to be fighting over her in my dream tonight.

BTB — Yep. Igots it bad… but that quip certainly helps because… uh… yep, I’ve been that guy.
Cob — Right on, man!
Austin — To me she’s the cute girl next door who is kinky behind closed doors… and makes a great meatloaf… which is a key requirement for my future gal.

Mike, you bet man! See you at the fight! LOL!

Interesting choice of fantasy girl.

they even dumb her down a tad on the office but she still manages to look so cute in that way. add another to this fight-i want her too!

Cat — I like to keep ’em guessin’…
Matt — Bring it on! This is gonna be a real royal rumble!

What is that picture from with her in lingerie?

I love how you snuck Albert, your man crush, in there. LOL.

Joe — I don’t know. Just google imaged her name and found it. I like it though!
Jane — You know me🙂 Not ashamed.
Cici — She’s grimacing because she hasn’t met me yet… maybe. Albert? That’s his game face.

Uh…why does she look like she’s grimacing in all of these pictures? Why does Albert not look happy, either?

I think Albert is not happy because he just realized after his first batting slump, McGuire is going to shoot him up with alittle juice and say it’s good for the game.

Uh oh, Daggy… watch out! We’re on the same Cub-hatin’ team, dude! And the day Pujols juices is the day I drown myself in a p!ss trough at that crap hole they call Wrigley.

Jeff, I just pissed myself reading your last line about Wrigley. I like Pujols as much as the next guy, I just hope McGuire doesn’t pollute him!! Lets do a Sox game together this year.

Mike, mos def, Sox gameS — plural — this spring/summer. I’m gettin’ my **** outta the house and enjoying it. Sox look to have a great club this season!

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