The Valentine Continues

This week has become an ongoing ode to RSBS‘ love for the game of baseball.  And not wanting to be responsible for ending the lovefest, today we bring you something that belongs to bars from Queens to San Diego just as much as it does to the British bar where it’s set.  Punt away the soccer ball at the end, toss in a baseball and you’ll find it hard to disagree.

Happy Friday!


-Video via 9GAG


Looks like the gentile boys down at the Harp and Thistle pub putting back the Ginny and having a few bangers and mash on the side.
Seriously, I could close my eyes and see that at a sport bar somewhere.
Cool thing is, I could see that at the Undertow after a Rays game done by Grant Balfour and Bobby Ramos.
I might steal the idea and pass it to them as post-game fodder for thought.

Rays Renegade

Beautiful harmony, haha

How many guys are there together? Too many! They can sing though.

Ready for some baseball??

I was waiting for John Madden to pop through the screen and “BOOMF!” a TASTES GREAT- LESS FILLING commercial was going to break out. Where were the hooligans in the corner table with the walkie-talkies planning their next Liverpool jersey burning?

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