The RSBS Digest: Clothing

As baseball season quickly approaches, we turn to an oft forgotten topic: appropriate dress for a baseball game.  We all know how hard it is to pick the right clothes early on in the season when temperatures might range 30 degrees over the course of a game.  Even when it gets really hot out, decorum still insists on a certain minimum level of covering.  That’s why RSBS always encourages layering.

However, sometimes people refuse to heed warnings and find themselves in very uncomfortable predicaments.  Although the situation presented in this video may not be entirely applicable to baseball spectatorship, it’s an important reminder that wearing the right clothing can save you a load of mental and physical discomfort later on.

No need to thank us.  We’re just doing our job.

Happy Saturday!



Sucks to be him! Wish him more of the same.

Um, yeah. I thought that was going to be TMI. I was right…

It’s always hard to decide which shirt to wear to baseball games. You always think you’re going to be warmer than you are. Then again, always an excuse to buy a new jacket right? Funny vid.

I agree with Elizabeth. Sometimes i make wrong judgments or don’t listen to my parents when it comes to the weather and then I suffer. Since I live in Southern California most of the girls wear cute clothing and sunglasses (even at night games… in day games they bring their sun tan lotion and sunbathe :D).. who knows if they actually know the player behind the jersey… Am i being mean? Perhaps but at least i’m honest lol😀

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