The RSBS Digest: Underclothing

arod_adjusting_cup.jpgAs important as clothing may be to the average person, even more important is the cloth that embraces your “swimsuit area.”  There are different schools of thought here, ranging from your father and his single-minded whitey-tighty fanaticism to the homeless guy on the corner free-balling it under a pair of sweatpants for less restricted access.

And there are more exotic schools including the devotees of the boxer-brief (I count myself among them) with all the comfort of a boxer and the stability of a brief, directors of Roman era film epics and their appreciation for the loincloth and Mormons with their ultra-secret special underwear.

My personal feeling, though, is that athletes get the shaft in all of this because there is nothing worse than wearing a cup.  Do you think baseball players are constantly adjusting themselves because they think it looks cool?  No way, man.  Playing with yourself in public is not cool anywhere (except certain clubs in Thailand).  Those cups hurt.  Sensitive areas constantly being pinched, awkward one-size-fits-all sizing that doesn’t really fit anyone and the thing never stays in one place.  Granted, when it comes down to choosing between comfort and the ability to reproduce, 9 times out of 10 RSBS picks comfort.  But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s an imperfect solution to a very real problem.

If only we could all just be comfortable in our underclothing.  For instance, even if comfort isn’t the stated aim of this current American Apparel campaign, that’s the lesson we have decided to take from it anyway.  No, don’t thank us.  We’re just doing our job.



That’s what happens when you do steroids. You’re cup size shrinks.

Thank goodness our technology has not advanced enough for us to make human skin attachments simlilar to our favorites velcro so we all can attach our clothing, or optional accessories within a jiffy with a swift rip of that NASA-inspired clothing option.
Would make shaving daily/nightly a necessity for sure.

Rays Renegade

By the way, that Jenna Fischer lingerie picture was from ‘Blades of Glory.’ I happened to watch it on tv a few nights after your post.

I have to wonder, was the shut out of the Tigers by the Phillies, is it the constant barraging from Jeff, is it total boredom, or is there a deeper sense of something troubling Al these days, because I cannot think of any realistic or sane reason behind anyone with an ounce of normality in their body searching the interwebs/internets for a picture of A-Rod sitting playing with himself while making it look like he’s trying to figure out which way a cup fits while leering across the dugout at Jeter…

Outside the Phillies Looking In

I really do find this pictures disturbing….just ’cause it’s A-Rod, I guess. If your taking a poll, I guess I’d have to check off the boxer-briefs, too. Always good to know what kind of underwear your fellow bloggers wear, I reckon.

I am so relieved to learn that you’re a boxer-brief guy, Al. It’s been one of those unsolved mysteries but no more. Whew.

I guess Jason Giambi’s golden thong was just a passing fad. Now if you’ll excuse me, because of that image I have to go to the eye doctor.

I am not sure which is more disturbing – that he is in the dugout in his undies or that someone took a picture of it. lol


Thanks for the info on the whole video thing.

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