The Luck of the Irish

four_leaf_clover.jpgToday we drunkenly celebrate Irish heritage by doing what the Irish do better than most: getting drunk.  And we here at RSBS want to do our part to aid in the celebration.  Since we can’t serve up Irish Car Bombs via the internet, we figured we would instead present a rousing tribute to Irish baseball players.  Until we made a not entirely unexpected discovery.  There really aren’t any. 

Sure, guys like Fancy O’Neil and Cyclone Ryan may have played at one time.  And if you include players with Irish last names, the list is a little longer.  There are even some impressive names on there, like Nolan Ryan, for instance.

But, it appears baseball just isn’t what gets the Irish going.  It’s probably hard to follow all the rules when you’re on your tenth Guinness anyway.

Instead, we’ll salute Ireland the same way we did last year.  Take it away, Swedish Chef!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you guys! Hope you’re hoisting a few and having fun.

Well, there’s Tim McGraw – but he counts because it was his fault for starting the green jersey fad for St. Patrick’s Day. An honorary ballplayer of Irish heritage, perhaps?

Enjoy the night!

Happy st. Pattys !!


Hope you guys had a nice, safe celebration :O)


I love St. Patrick’s Day, too. In Kalamazoo they used to have green ice and green beer at the K-Wings games. Great memories.
You can’t go wrong with the Muppetts, either. Animal and Beeker were two of my favorites.

The Muppets complete me!

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