Existentialism Revisited

Dancing_Erin.jpgRSBS has devoted many pages to an ongoing debate between the great minds that form the RSBS duoverse.  No, I’m not referring to our liberal vs. conservative clash over the way the game of baseball is played.  And I’m not talking about the unending fount of sophistry springing from my colleague regarding the eternal question, which team is better, the Tigers or the Cardinals.

No, our fundamental debate is much more existential and with its subject back in the news, now seems the right time to revisit the topic.

Erin Andrews.

That she is an attractive woman is not open debate because that goes without saying.  But my co-blogger’s unhealthy obsession with Ms. Andrews sometimes makes me wonder what goes on inside his head.  She’s cute but she’s not that cute.  And she’s a Florida Gator which automatically deducts a point from the ten point beauty rating scale we all know so well (a much less harsh deduction than the 2.5 point penalty meted out to any graduate of the University of Notre Dame, a university who’s men’s basketball team recently went down in delightfully ignominious defeat during the first round of the NCAA tournament I might add).

However, even I have to admit that she’s looking very nice on Dancing With the Stars.  And that’s saying something when you’re up against Nicole Scherzinger and a very svelte looking Pam Anderson. 

I’m not saying that Jeff has won this debate, not by any stretch.  But, since I can admit when another person has a legitimate point, I’m admitting that in this instance Ms. Andrews is looking good.  That being said, she’s still no Allison Stokke.



Some would venture to say that she looks better through a peephole, but it wouldn’t be me.😉

AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was that a fake laugh bro?😉 Seriously, and I’m not bragging, BUT I have seen two of the contestants nekkid.

Pamela Anderson is a Dodger fan.

I’m more partial to brunettes, so I’d be voting for your Allison in this debate. To each thier own, though…

I watched the first episode and got bored…guess the dancing thing is only interesting if something bad happens…ya know, like watching a car crash ;o)


HAHA, Sue. Good one. I don’t watch the show, but how could anything beat Heather Mills dancing on her fake leg?


I would think Pamela Anderson would be hampered somewhat by that very high center of gravity she’s got. Though if she spins out of control, it’s like having built in airbags.
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

You are so funny!
I don’t have time to watch these shows! I only have time to work,eat,sleep and baseball!

Erin Andrews or your girl Jenna Fischer? I say its a toss-up

Matt, Jenna would be my wife, Erin my mistress… if I were one to do that sorta thing that is… which I am… not.

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