JC: Like a Mountie

With today’s brief lull before baseball re-emerges in all its fury to make us forget that basketball and hockey even exist and JC’s big day coming up tomorrow, it seemed like a perfect time to dig into the vault and bring back a classic.  Me, I can’t get enough of it.

Happy Easter Saturday or whatever you call today!



I met a crazy Jesus freak last year at Spring Training. He came up to me and we had this amazing conversation:

JesusFreak: “Jesus is coming back.”

Me: “He never left Brother.”

JF: “Woah, you will be ready when he returns.”

The man then went into his Dodge Ram complete with Fully assembled life size crucifix.

I think he was a serial killer.

Love the video.


The Three Bs


“The $200 French Fries.”

Is it just me or did the lead singer look like he was dressed as a 80’s Tigers fan and the back-up singers were definitely looking like they had the Cubs on their minds… More time and I am sure I could have put glasses on the dude and a olde-english ‘D’ on his waste coat and he would have looked a little like a younger version of you Al…. hmmmm

Phillies Outside

I’m going to consult with my local tree as soon as I finish rubbing myself down with this rooster. I was raised a Roman Catholic and you’ve just cost me more $$ in therapy.
I can’t resist – but can He hit a curve ball?
Bon Pasqua!

I’m not sure what this basketball thing is you speak of. I’ll probably follow hockey a little longer, though, until the Frozen Four is over anyway.
Happy Easter
‘Minoring In Baseball’

Happy Sunday.

Very funny. Happy Spring. Happy baseball.

Haha, nice!! Happy Easter, and Happy Opening Day!!

Interesting lyrics. LOL. And the beat was kind of reggae but kind of not. And didn’t the lead singer look like Donnie Osmond? Maybe a little?


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